senioritis and the year's over

<p>okay so finally i'm officially done with the high school. However, I am still freaking out about Hopkins' decision on my senioritis. Overall my grades are... I got B on English, C on AP Bio, another C on AP Physics E&M, A on spanish, and B on US history...</p>

<p>Would two Cs still put me in a dicey situation where I could possibly get my acceptance rescinded?</p>

<p>Why is Hopkins being so strict on senioritis? I mean I slacked off at the beginning of the semester but I worked really hard after realizing senior slide can end up in tragedy and talked to teachers and an advisor about the problem.</p>

<p>I actually worked hard to get a C on AP Bio!</p>

<p>Two Cs...
Please tell me I will be okay.</p>

<p>rescinded = Ds/Fs.</p>

<p>You're fine. Congrats on graduating and your choice of JHU. I think it's a great choice (though I am rather biased).</p>

<p>I think you'll have serious explaining to do... and you're in jeopardy of being rescinded.</p>

<p>"Why is Hopkins being so strict on senioritis?"</p>

<p>This makes me laugh. You should rather ask yourself why you are slacking off so much.</p>

<p>Are your two C's marking period grades or final year end grades? Does your school send a final transcript by marking period or just final grade?</p>

<p>No matter the answer...hopefully you learned a lesson that will carry over...but we also all make mistakes.</p>