Senioritis, Grades, and Revoked Acceptance

<p>I'm a senior right now in High School, got accepted to UNCA, and senioritis is kicking in full swing. I have been in all IB classes since middle school up until this year where I decided to take all AP classes. I have a 3.71 GPA and some of my AP classes I'm taking right now are absolutely kicking my ass. I have a few D's right now in AP classes that I recently realized aren't even needed for me to graduate and I have a couple solid A's in other AP classes. I know that revoked acceptances can be a big deal at schools like Stanford and Harvard where even a single C can put you at risk of academic probation. My question is how strict is UNCA on final year transcripts? I definitely fear getting my acceptance revoked, am I worrying too much?</p>