Senioritis. What is it?

In my sophomore and junior years, I had a full schedule of classes, but in my senior year, I have reduced it to only 4 classes to focus on apps. Even though the 4 classes are all ap, I can’t help but wonder if colleges will look at this as a downward trend, especially with many of my peers taking 6 classes. Will this affect my chances?

To answer the question in the title senioritis refers to slacking off AFTER you have been accepted to the college you plan on attending.

Will it affect your chances? Possibly, especially at schools like the UCs that flat-out state on their admissions websites that they compare you to other applicants from your school. Is there anything you can do about it (short of registering for more AP classes?) Not really.

Selective admissions, except for those applicants with major national/international awards etc. is very much a game of chance, so apply broadly (safeties, matches, and reaches,) keep up your grades, and hope for the best.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

@TomSrOfBoston Thank you for the clarification!