<p>'t breathe...too bored...ugh...with school...please...heal me...</p>

<p>Seriously though, I had all the time in the world to accomplish things tonight and I didn't. I know where I'm going to university and I already have a 4.0 uw, but my motivation is gone.</p>

<p>The week before first semester finals. I thought about all the things I wanted to accomplish now that I'd be a second semester senior that I haven;t been able to do in the past three and a half years--guitar, programming, a job, even being more social.</p>

<p>Problem is, I'm not motivated to do any of those things--or my school work. I'm burnt out and annoyed at my teachers for assigning busy work. I can't even begin to care about AP tests. I'm a loser--LOOK AT ME, I'M POSTING ON THIS SITE FOR GOD'S SAKE!</p>

<p>Mother? Mother, is that you? I can't focus mother please stop screaming at me? You bore me of your womb, how could you hate your creation!? How can you make jokes? No, I didn't do my AP English and yes it's due tomorrow! Egads! I'm forgetting my own language iix iix zeebow wig wazzleoof lueleleleleleleleleleee li! li! li! li! li! li! li!</p>

<p>agh, anyway, what can I do to cure my malady? I can't work because I have no motivation, but can't find motivation because I'm getting behind on my work.</p>

<p>Ah trust me I feel the same. I make excuses for not getting a job, hitting the gym, etc. because of the work I'm SO behind on work (busy work is collected like fricken weeks later) and then I don't do anything ugh.):</p>

<p>I am so unmotivated. I didn't even get into college yet and I don't have a 4.0 GPA by any stretch of the imagination. My grades are lower senior year than junior year, but only by a little. I have zero motivation whatsoever. To do anything. Other than catch up on tv, go places I want to go, and sleep.</p>

<p>If I didn't have AP Lit... Life would be so much better. I hate busy work too.</p>

<p>I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. Even now, I should be studying for AP Physics Mech</p>

<p>Haven't been feeling any motivation for the longest time. Have a major bio test tomorrow that's actually going to count towards the scores my teachers send to university yet strangely I'm not at all nervous...</p>

<p>omg this is it. the wrong thing in your life I exaggerated about is * manifesting itself * through your precipitous decline in motivation.</p>

<p>don't worry though. ill pray for you :).</p>

<p>I was about to make a thread about senioritis, but I felt too lazy to write anything about that.</p>

<p>I've been accepted at Appalachian State, my number one school, and I want to quit trying. All I've been thinking about this semester is that if I had just planned my schedule better I could have graduated early. But nope, still stuck in school.</p>

<p>I've skipped class a couple times. I feel no motivation to do anything. I dropped Sociology so that I could have a study hall at the end of the day and use it to go home and sleep. Ultimate senioritis move. My Exploring Alternative Energies teacher almost lost a couple fingers using a wood-splitter, and will be out for a couple months. Though I hate to take pleasure in other people's pain, that's one less class I have to worry about having any serious work in.</p>

<p>I don't really fit in very well in this finicky, overachieving community. My UW GPA is a paltry 3.2. It was lower than that until I did well last semester, it's probably going to drop again. </p>

<p>My AP Classes...pft. I know from practice tests that it'd be a miracle for me to get above a 3 on the AP Lit exam. I basically knew the entire US GOPO course before we started, I love history and got a 5 on the APUSH exam. The class was just pure APUSH review. And as for Comparative GOPO, I'm essentially wasting my time in that class because UNC-system schools don't take it as credit, and guess what system the university I plan to go to is in?</p>

<p>I just want to be finished with high school.</p>

omg this is it. the wrong thing in your life I exaggerated about is manifesting itself through your precipitous decline in motivation.</p>

<p>don't worry though. ill pray for you .


<p>I'll never understand you, man...</p>

<p>Anyway, yes, it's true. I have lost control of my life. I'm stuck in a rut. And the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth...</p>

<p>I feel the EXACT same way. I didn't even do my last AP Chemistry Lab report or any of my AP Calculus hw due today. I just want to go to college already.</p>

<p>I feel the exact same way. I had a physics worksheet (which was a piece of cake, but still), a p.o.d. 2 page paper, an AP lit poem to write, a translation of Polonius' speech into modern terms to write (for AP lit), and an AP Calc test to study for? Guess when I finally started all this crap? 8:30! Hooray for procrastination!
Oh, and the AP Calc test wound up not being studied for, and the English assignments I did wound up being complete crap because I didn't know what to write.</p>

<p>Last night I literally thought to myself "What's the minimum amount of work I can do tonight?"</p>

<p>I'm supposed to be reading and taking notes on "Things Fall Apart" right now but. . . . I'm not.</p>

<p>I'm so behind I'd rather not thinking about it. Managed good grades but this isn't how life should be ugh. I'm in a recession, not really a depression. lol.</p>

<p>i was about to respond by saying something like "yeah...lazy over here," but then, i realized i shouldn't. It has come to my attention over the past week that senioritis is just a really bad excuse for seniors to just slack off at the end of the year and that it is okay since they will be moving on next year. however, seniors last year have said the procrastination can only get worse. however, this was really brought to my attention by one of my teachers at my school who is very devoted to his job and has felt insulted from the lack of effort that our class has been showing which has progressively been getting worse. he has made me realize that it is not just okay to slack off and say the hell with school and everything else, let me just do the bare minimum. he loves teaching and takes something like this personally as he expects our class to express creativity and be motivated everyday. i'm not pointing fingers because frankly, i should be pointing a finger at myself, but lets just try to maintain a good effort for the remainder of the year and show our teachers that we do care, especially the ones that we know work hard everyday to give us the best possible education</p>

<p>I've kept a 4.0 gpa all throughout HS, and right now I have 2 D's and 2 B's haha. They'll come up, I just can't make myself care.</p>