<p>Who has having a bad case of senioritis?! ahhhh i dont do homework or study for going out every having too much fun! i cant pull myself back together to finish my other apps! WHO JUST WANTS TO GET EVERYTHING OVER WITH AND END HIGH SCHOOL dammit. im having senioritis issues....</p>

<p>anyone else having problems? lol</p>

<p>Me too,
Right now I am hanging out at CC at 1.30 in the night instead of completing 35 remaining pages of my physics assignment or reading up 150 pages of physics,I kid u not ,that I have to do for a Physics test on tuesday</p>

<p>who isn't?
that's the problem with ED - you don't want to <em>do</em> anything until you've heard whether you're in or not! sigh, it's tuff, it's tuff...</p>

<p>it is dammit. why cant they notify you say...November 15?! move it up 1 month it would be so much more convenient. i just wanna sit on my butt until december 15 doing nothing. ive already wasted 3 hours this morning postining on CC....go me. i rock at life lol. dammit i have an essay due tomorrow too...boooooo</p>

<p>nov 15 sounds good</p>

<p>hey shrek, i official invite you to be our guest of honor on the ccPBA (see new post)</p>

<p>"it is dammit. why cant they notify you say...November 15?"</p>

<p>exactly, i've got RD apps due Jan 1st, i'm not gonna complete 8 stunningly magnificent essays in 2 weeks. <em>hits desk</em> ARGHTJ@I$TG!</p>

<p> so tempted just to somehow apply my princeton essays to every other schoool. haha in my "Why UPENN" essay ill just answer the "what would u do if u had 1 year to do anything" question and somehow at the end say, "this is why upenn rocks" mwa ha ha ha .... how quickly do u think i will be rejected</p>

in my "Why UPENN" essay ill just answer the "what would u do if u had 1 year to do anything" question and somehow at the end say, "this is why upenn rocks"

ROFL - that is too classic! I bet you could pull it off. they'll probably think - wow, deep... let's take this philosophical guy...</p>

<p>i'm a ccpba</p>

<p>yep and then for why columbia ill just give them my why upenn essay and change the word University of Pennsylvania to stuff :-D oh man i love being such a slacker</p>

<p>yah, me too...</p>

<p>But what r u writing in those damn essays?
Are u going to put something like you liked the campus/programs of study/student diversity ,etc? Pls help.I just cant figure out those essays</p>

<p>well, where have you been all along shrek? its like shrek is nonexistant, then <em>WAM</em> you're rolling with 300 posts! :confused: but :cool:</p>

<p>akash - i'm avoiding thinking about those "why here"s - so can't help you there =(</p>

<p>gianievve--what about you? a few days ago we were neck and neck now you're approaching 500</p>

<p>haha i posted a WHOLE DAMN LOT like 0-250 like all of october. then the past like 2 weeks of november ive been a dead boy. having too much fun. but i am back now :-D been MIA for quite awhile. its sad. like 315 of my 320 posts are in the princeton board</p>

<p>yah, i just want to get to 1000nd, before ED: think it's possible? hehe. watch me</p>

<p>yea u will rock this post. by the time the next person gets to 1000 zant will be at like 5000 haha SOMEONE CHALLENGE ZANT! :-D</p>

<p>OMG - I JUST GOT TO 500!!! Whoo hoo! 1/2 a senior member!
(lights 5th birthday candle and grins) --> geez, i have to stop doing that... after all, i'm growing up now!</p>

<p>:) :p ;) =)) :cool:</p>


<p>HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!! goooooodddd jooobbbb! maybe i can get to 400 soon :-D</p>

<p>at this rate, shrek, you probably could hit 500 before zant gets back on here! :p</p>