Seniors- summer plans before college?

<p>So what's everyone planning on doing before heading off to school?</p>

<p>I have quite a list I've planned, I've been sheltered far too long and have worked too hard NOT to live it up. And if my parents disapprove of me going out all the time, which they will since they rarely let me go out, I'm just gonna say screw it because I'm 18 and idgaf! (Ah, to be young and rebellious :) )</p>

<p>I plan on:
-adventures! like doing random, spontaneous crap all the time like going with my friends to cemeteries at 1 in the morning
-go to a hookah lounge
-go to a club, even though that's not my thing
-explore the nearby downtown metropolitan
-go to the amusement park an hour away at least 3 times with my friends
-maybe get a cool piercing like my cartilage (ok, that's not that cool of a piercing)
-get in shape and go on a shopping spree, I want to look fabulous for college</p>

<p>Anyone else gonna let loose this summer?</p>

<p>hookah lounge eh? very noice.</p>

<p>I really have no set plans... just going to live spontaneously and enjoy this summer as much as I can. :)</p>

<p>probably will go to the club atleast once in the summer. i reallly just wanna chill and kick it before i have to really grow up :)</p>

<p>O how I miss the easiness of high school, the working force sucks, enjoy your damn youth! Clubs suck btw, totally over hyped. Complete waste of money and time.</p>

<p>^ Nothing can possibly be as bad as high school.</p>

<p>lmfao!! So young and so ignorant.</p>

<p>Everyone listen to duffman, O so wise and experienced with age.</p>

<li>Grad parties!!</li>
<li>Six Flags </li>
<li>Get that tattoo</li>
<li>The shore at sunset/sunrise</li>
<li>Late-night pool parties</li>
<li>Gym to hit 165lb, I'm so done with this skinny track body look</li>
<li>Should I get a gauge? Maybe a piercing would be better</li>
<li>Screw having a job, I'll make money through the stock market</li>
<li>Paintball and airsoft</li>

<p>And of course, hanging with friends every single day, doing everything.</p>

<p>You lucked out with the stock market, if you were gonna make big dollars, you should have invested a year ago, when everything was terrible. Greatest decision ever made =]</p>

<p>Here are my plans:</p>

<p>A. Hopefully a job at Barnes & Noble and have work experience.
B. SAT I studying.
C. Attending Church on Sundays.
D. Going away to Boston in August - Chilling and hopefully visiting BU/BC. :)
E. Just going to relax and have some fun, like doing shopping or something.</p>

<p>^^ Except I started investing over two years ago and took advantage of last year's slump. I still have shares in both F (2.20; 11.73) and UAUA (3.39; 20.01), with an almost $25k current from a roughly $5500 starting. </p>

<p>I'm talking about day trading and selling shorts, with which the market is still proving lucrative.</p>

<p>AeroEngineer, you are my kind of guy. Skydiving+playing the stock market is what it's all about. But I do have a job too so I can invest even more, lol.</p>

<p>Work probably, lose a few lbs, relax!
Maybe even get a tat.. :)</p>

<p>i wish my dad had invested in google long ago ;[</p>