Seniors: What's the one piece of advice you would give yourself one year ago?

You’ve all learned so much over the last year and as we get to the end of the decision season…

If you could go back in time and had 30 seconds to tell yourself something about the college admissions process, what would it be?

An example for me (because I’m waaaay out of the college admissions game), would be:


How about you?

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It’s possible for you to get into schools with acceptance rates in the teens. Don’t sell yourself short. Also, in-state schools are not always the cheapest-- yes, really!


Look into more colleges, and maybe ED to one of them that you really love.


Maybe give your shot at the Ivies! You could have gotten in, you never know! And start researching options early and look for schools with great merit based aid!


don’t procrastinate!!!

  1. Start the college process over the summer! Do not wait until senior fall/winter to do everything
  2. Reach for the stars! Do not downplay your accomplishments or sell yourself short. Go ahead and apply to those reach schools because anything can happen!
  3. Apply to scholarships ASAP! (Juniors can apply to college scholarships too)
  4. When schools say “100% needs met” THEY ARE LYING!! They’ll probably ask you to take out some sort of loan and call that “meeting your needs”
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  1. EA to multiple targets and safeties instead of ED-ing to your one reach school: gives you time to polish your application for reaches and it’s also less stressful on you because you meet all the deadlines for scholarships for your targets/safeties and you know you’re already going to get into college by the time ivy day rolls around (but only do this if you already have your application down solid - don’t rush your essays!)
  2. Apply to more high targets/reaches, don’t think that you can’t get in. I wish I applied to more reach schools because who knows, I may have gotten into one of them?
  3. kill all the self-doubt you have!
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