Sent application late but received an Applicant ID, was my application accepted?

<p>I sent in an application to one of ivies a week later than the stipulated deadline. (I sent on the 7th of January, the deadline was 1st of January) My counselor sent a fee waiver request via e-mail. I didn't expect to receive an e-mail a week later with my applicant ID. </p>

<p>Is my application considered as received? If so, I will send my TOEFL and SAT scores.</p>

<p>... what's your guess??? Apply logic and common sense and I think the answer will be readily apparent.</p>

<p>And if it's not apparent, if you consider the list of common sense remedies to your question, I think you'll find that it's rather short as well.</p>

<p>Sorry, i know this may seem silly, but I feel that I may have received my applicant ID by mistake because deadlines should be adhered to strictly. However, I've read cases in forums whereby some applications get passed through despite being sent days after the deadline. Hence, my question on this forum. :/ Hope you'll understand.</p>

<p>OK: then drop them an email or a phone call</p>

<p>Yeah, I applied on the 28th to an Ivy too...I was a little surprised to have gotten an email saying that I needed to complete my application for consideration or it will be withdrawn. I thought that maybe it was a mistake since the deadline was on the 1st of Jan. They even gave me a deadline to submit the remaining materials...</p>

<p>I'm wondering if maybe this is normal or if they're simply interested in the application and will consider it anyway or something? I would like a possible explanation. I'm afraid that if I call or email, they might somehow know it's me and withdraw the application. I'm being a bit paranoid; I'd love to get accepted into this school. I know it sounds silly since I submitted so late, but I don't want to jeopardize my chances. </p>



<p>You submitted it on 28-Jan? Well, if you have any chance of them considering you, you better get the remaining docs in, dontcha think? I've not heard of any Ivy taking such a late app but who knows? But if you remain inactive, you'll guarantee a non-review.</p>

<p>The only way to determine for sure is to contact the college. Nevertheless, you should be aware that colleges usually in fact take applications after the deadline date but then consider such applicants only after making the decisions on those who were timely and the late applicant is then considered only if there is an opening left after that process (unlikely for any high ranked colleges). Thus, it would not necessarily be unusual for your application to be accepted late and for you to be given an applicant number.</p>

<p>I decided to contact the college directly. He told me that my application will only be reviewed if I complete it (which I am doing right now). Now, whether or not I get in will be a huge miracle! But I think it's still worth the try. I won't set my heart on getting accepted though, I applied way too late.</p>