sent deposit in yesterday! Anyone else decided?

<p>We sent in the four hundred dollar deposit. Toured again this week and decided yes!</p>


<p>When you were there, did you see my sophomore daughter? She's the one with the big smile on her face because she loves her school so much and so happy she decided on St. Anselm instead of Providence. If you have any questions, I can give you the parents perspective.</p>

<p>How much truth is there to the very difficult grading? (Iplan on being pre-med so grades are important to me.)
How strict are the party policies?</p>

<p>There is a lot of truth to the strict grading policy. But I do not believe the rumor that a professor has to give out a F for every A he awards. Check out this link, it is a statement from the Pres of the College </p>

<p>Saint</a> Anselm College - Reverse Grade Inflation Trend</p>

<p>However my daughter who is a very serious student, but not a wizard - and recipient of Presidential Scholarship 15K - maintains a 3.5 at the school. A's are hard to come by, a B is good. It does make the kids work harder, and I believe that grad schools in the Northeast know the reputation. D was accepted at Holy Cross and Providence, but is happy she went with St. A's.</p>

<p>The campus is gorgeous, the dorms are reasonable, and faculty very close to students. If there is any downside, it's the lack of activities that are common for a "non-urban" small school. Ice hockey is king and their football team is awful.</p>

<p>Wow… glad this is over;) My D has decided on St A’s ! I have not seen her smile like this in a while! </p>