Sent in low math SAT scores mistakenly -- did I screw myself?

So I was submitting my SATs to another school which had a Dec. 1st priority deadline, and decided to also send them to Wes, Vassar, and Bard while I was at it just because I know I’m applying to these schools RD. However, when deciding to submit my score (790 E, 690 M) I referred to Wes’ 2019 CDS (enrolled students data), which listed 670 as the 25th percentile for math and 740 as the 75th percentile for english. Since my math score was above the 25th percentile and my English was well above 75th, I decided it would be beneficial to submit despite the lopsidedness, since I plan to major in Film/English anyways.
However, today I was looking at the website and it advised not submitting any scores that were below the 25th percentile on the class profile (admitted students data) which listed 25th percentile math score as 730! Now I’m worried I should have just stayed test optional, even though my composite score is still >25th percentile of admits. I have 4.0 UW (high 90s/100s for all math classes) and have taken the most rigorous math courses available, though I go to a small public school which has very few course offerings (no math APs available). I was only able to take the test once so didn’t get a chance to improve math score (all NYC test dates have been cancelled).
Did I screw myself? Should I try reaching out to admissions office and ask them to not consider my scores? I’m really stressed now and not sure what to do.

You have interpreted Wesleyan’s wording in a way that, in my opinion, has been unduly harsh to yourself. You reported an SAT combined result above Wesleyan’s 25th percentile for admitted students. This, at a minimum, will suffice for your interests. Under further analysis, your superb EBRW score will enhance your application, and your good math score will not hurt it. Best of luck.

I don’t think there’s much you can do now, admissions won’t be able to unsee the numbers. It sounds like you have a strong GPA which is more important in the holistic evaluation.

@merc81 I’m not sure what admitted student numbers you are looking at but class of 2024 EBRW mid 50% is 720-770 (750 median) and math mid 50% is 730-790 (770 median).

@Mwfan1921: The OP reported an SAT combined result (1480) above Wesleyan’s 25th percentile for admitted students (1450).

I was hoping that since I hadn’t submitted the rest of my application yet, I could ask them to not consider my test scores in the decision once I do apply. I just wasn’t sure if this would be a bad move, or if the scores I sent in were decent enough to just keep on file anyways. I also have no idea how covid is going to affect admissions this year, so maybe submitting scores (even though they are a little below median) could still help? My scores aren’t great but I go to a school where most score in the 900-1200 range, so I felt this could at least benefit by showing that I’m at the top of my class ://

thank you, this definitely made me feel a bit better! mwfan1921 has a point though, as im above 25th percentile for composite but still below the median, which isn’t great

Since Wesleyan itself uses the plural “scores,” the following decidedly does not apply to you, in my opinion:

If you still feel uncertain, you could logically rewrite this as a corollary:

With respect to this, consider that you have compared yourself to a group that includes the over 70% of accepted applicants who did not attend Wesleyan.

You can’t combine the 25%ile section scores to get a composite, the math doesn’t work that way.

You are forgetting there is a neutral area, where a score neither helps nor hurts an application. Scores between 25% and 50%iles are unlikely to strengthen an application.

OP has sent her scores and there is nothing to be done at this point (I would not email her AO and ask to apply TO). I expect the EBRW score will be seen as a strength, and the math a weakness…both being a smaller part of the overall evaluation app where grades and rigor will be most important.

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For the purposes of this thread I have chosen the serviceable approximation common to U.S. News and other national publications.

The OP’s SAT result places her a substantial ~65 points above the 50th percentile for students who attend Wesleyan, and will distinguish her application in a crowded field.

@merc81 @Mwfan1921 i appreciate both of your honest (albeit sobering) responses. moving forward, would you suggest i refrain from sending my SAT to schools where i’m not above the median for both sections (even if im above the median for composite score)?

Yes, that would be my recommendation (AOs do evaluate section scores), unless there is different direction from a given school’s admissions officer…you can often get this direction from virtual admission sessions.

Use admitted student scores when they are available, if not, then use enrolled scores from the common data sets.

If you aren’t accepted to Wesleyan, I do not think it will be due to your math SAT score.

Good luck to you.

Edited to add: others may make different recommendations. If your composite and EBRW are above the median, and math in the 25%-50%ile I would submit scores.


In this scenario, I recommend you submit your scores. Then submit them again in case the first set gets lost. Or hand deliver them. That’s how good your result will appear in the context of your academic interests.

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