Sent in teacher rec letter without Common App form

<p>As the title says, I realized I sent in a teacher's letter of recommendation to two schools without the Common App form--so just a letter on a blank page. </p>

<p>What is the best way to get him to send the Common App part? Can he do it online through the CA website? Or can I have him send it in himself separately? Will it still be considered?</p>

<p>Was there a way to identify you and your common app ID with the letters that were sent? If not, you may want to email admissions in case they are trying to figure out who that letter belonged. You could print a hardcopy of the TeacherEval form and have your teacher send that in hardcopy. If your teacher still has the letter, perhaps they can send a copy of the original letter with the teacher eval form. Don't forget to give your teacher a stamped, addressed envelop for each college they will send a rec.</p>

<p>I had both of my teachers give me their recs in sealed envelopes and sent in both along with my transcript and counselor's letter in a large mailing envelope. Is the main issue identifying that the letter is for me? The CA form doesn't matter?</p>

<p>I think my teacher hadn't even filled out the CA form, and if he did he left it at school.</p>