Sent in that Stern ED APPlication

<p>So, has everyone sent in the stern application for ED? Will I be held at a disadvantaged for sending it this late? In the application, it says, "Applications postmarked after the deadlines indicated in the chart
below will be considered only if space remains in the division and program
desired. Credentials (transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation,
etc.) received well after your application deadline will put you at a
disadvantage in the admissions process." That gives me the feeling that by sending it this late, I will be last pick. What do you'll think?</p>

<p>Help? anyone? Or am i just going crazy?</p>

<p>It depends what you mean by late. Sending in things after the app. deadline will obviously not work in your favor. You should make sure the supporting aspects of your app. (test scores, reccs, etc.) get there as soon as possible. So long as you send the app. in before the deadline (meaning its post marked before the deadline) you will not be held at a disadvantage. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>thank you jwblue. i just have another question: When does the admission comm. actually start reading the applications?</p>

<p>The review process starts after the deadline I believe, and after your file becomes complete.</p>

<p>is there anyway to verify that they received all the transcripts I had sent to them?</p>

<p>in what order do they review the applications? alphabetically? or first-come first-served?</p>