Separate letter for a program?

Hello everyone!

I submitted my application to Monmouth University (I’m from NJ) on 10/28. I just received my acceptance today with a $64,000 academic scholarship and acceptance into the Honors School. I also applied to the joint eight-year BS/MD program with Drexel University but did not get an acceptance letter or denial. There was not letter in the envelope talking about this program. I’m just wondering whether I will receive my letter of acceptance/denial to this program separately? Will the letter be from Drexel University or from Monmouth University? And does anyone know the time frame it takes to send this letter? (I sent my supplemental application to Drexel University on 11/20).

Thank you SO much!

Yes it is separate, email admissions and ask

This is about the time you should know

Hello @qwertyuiopzxcv I am in charge of the recruitment for this program. I would need for you to email or private message me your name so that I can check and see if we received your information for the Medical Scholar program with Drexel College of Medicine. Please email me at or private message me through this site.

I look forward to talking with you.