Sept 19 ACT

Son’s registration was inexplicably changed from our home school to a location 40 miles away. ACT did not notify us of the re-assignment; we were notified by our school counselors that he was dropped from their registration list and we had to login to his ACT account to find the new location. ACT has thus far provided no explanation for the change and has to this point, not been willing to change back to the location for which we have a printed admission ticket. We’ve been told this is not an isolated incident and would like to know if anyone else is experiencing a similar situation and what you plan to do.

The ACT has been a total joke. First why would they with all the crazy COVID stuff going on decide it was the time to completely overhaul their website? Next my son had his July exam canceled and they never have credited us for the fee. I then signed him up for 9/12 at his high school here in Florida. I went to print his ticket and it was for a location in Missouri! They will not answer any attempts to call nor do they respond to email. Eventually after many tries I was able to change his location back to his high school. Then the day before the test the ACT canceled it claiming that the test center was closed due to COVID which was news to his high school which is open and functioning fine. Again they refuse to communicate in any fashion by phone or email. Other kids who opted to test at other schools showed up that morning and were emailed 10 minutes before it was to start that it was canceled. Anticipating their utter incompetence I had already registered him for the test in October again at his high school. Fingers crossed they don’t screw that up as well. All this makes you wonder about what else they are botching, like scoring or sending results to the right schools?

The website seems to have a horrible glitch that sometimes will randomly assign you a testing location somewhere in the US after you pay the fee. We originally signed up and paid for the September 12 test in Wisconsin and when we went to print the ticket we were assigned a random testing location in NY. After figuring this out and going in to change back to the WI location near our home it was full. Thankfully we were able to get into another location within a reasonable drive and he was able to test there. Emails to ACT were not returned. Attempts to call them were met with ungodly wait times. Luckily almost all schools are going test optional and ACT can be put out out of their misery.

Agree in general but we have the dubious distinction of being from Florida which with Wyoming are the only two sate university systems in the nation to not have gone test optional.

I can’t comment on the ACT, but I logged into College Board to see if DD’s SAT 9/26 test is still happening. Her test center was neither listed as canceled nor listed as active. It wasn’t up there at all! I called the school (it is in a neighboring town) and they said they will still be testing. No idea why it isn’t showing up on the web site. We have the admission ticket to match that date and location.

I noticed a lot of test centers had canceled (I’d almost say a slight majority of them?). There were a fair number with instructions for students originally registered at Test Center X to report to Test Center Y (usually in a nearby town). With all that has been going on, I wonder if the parents and students were properly notified other than through a posting on a web page many may not be checking.

They’re already halfway to putting the SAT and ACT portions of their companies out of business the way they’re running things now. I would have expected them to put up more of a fight, but they’re just drowning.