Sept. ACT Score Prediction

<p>What do you guys think you got on the test?
Did you tink the test was harder or easier than usual?</p>

<p>My score prediction: 35-36</p>

<p>I did horribly. 20. I'll get it next time.</p>

<p>lame thread</p>

<p>so will we be able to see our scores in two weeks online? b/c i kno that they take about 4 weeks to come in the mail.</p>

<p>they'll be online in EXACTLY 1 week...well, maybe not exactly, since mine was delayed by 2 days...but betw. sep. 26-28</p>

<p>wait how do you know if
its delayed or not?</p>

<p>You don't. He was talking about a past test.</p>

<p>they're delayed because the ACT sometimes does not put all the scores out on one single day, that's why they said check from the 26th to the 28th. If they're not there by the 29th, then there's a problem</p>

<p>english: 33
math: 35
reading: 34
science: 32
comp: 34
writing: 10 (i got a 12 in june, but this essay sucked)</p>