Sept ACT Writing Scores much lower than expected

My son got a 35 Composite, 36 Reading and 33 English but only 21 Writing. Is that normal or should he check to see if there may have been an error? Should he retake the test or just go ahead with his applications with that score?

Just go with the score. The writing section isn’t used as much and the scores are brand new with no historic trend (and less likely to be considered).

Ya im in the same boat lol!! got a slightly lower composite (33) but a 24 essay

Same here, 34 composite and 22 essay, not retaking it, sending it as is. My thoughts are the 22 score is about equivalent to a 7/12 on the old scoring. Which is lower than the 8 or 9 I would have liked to see but not nearly as bad as the 22 looks.

Son had the opposite outcome: 28 composite and 36 writing. Writing is very subjective, whereas the composite score is objective which I believe partially accounts for the wide range in writing scores. My son’s strongest subject is writing which also played into his 36 score.

35 is impressive. I say your son goes with it.