September 2013 ACT!!!!

<p>Anyone taking the ACT this September? This will be my first time since eighth grade when I got a 27 composite. 26E 34M 25R 21S. I have been studying the whole summer and have taken tons of practice tests. In the red book I consistently scored between a 31 and 33. On a Princeton practice test I got a 33. And on the 2009-2010 released practice test, I got a 34. I,however, do pretty poorly on Barrons. What are my chances at scoring a 33+ in September? And post any tips for success!!!!</p>

<p>Remember that only about 1% of the test takers get a 33+. If you have been studying and are prepared for the time constraints then you are ready. Keep working until the test and take a break that last couple of days before to let you relax a little.</p>

<p>I’m sure your score will increase over your 27.</p>

<p>Do my practice test results mean anything? I sorta need to get a 33…</p>

<p>If you are getting 33+ in practice consistently, you are likely to get 33 in the real test. Just make sure you are doing practice from different sources.</p>

<p>Thanks… what is the most reliable source? I have used the red book, Princeton, Barrons, ACT released practices, and a few Kaplan…</p>

<p>Ahhh!!! I just took a whole Princeton practice test and got a 32 composite. 33E 34M 31R 31S. After looking at the answers tho, I realized I bubbled in a wrong answer for Science and made a few stupid mistakes. Hopefully I don’t do that on the real test. All my wrong answers in English were because of commas. Is the scale in the Princeton book pretty accurate? Like can you get four wrong in English and still get a 33?</p>

<p>The curves for each separate ACT test are all different. On the June 2013 test I got 3 wrong on both the science and English sections and got a 35 on science and 34 in English, whereas on another test they may have been lower. You just have to do as good as you can on the test and hope the curve works in your favor!</p>

<p>Thanks… I feel a little better. The Princeton tests have pretty stringent curves. What are the most realistic practice tests?</p>