September 2021 ACT Registration?

Has anyone heard information about when registration for the September ACT will be available? Website seems to say “coming soon.” This would be for a new registration, not trying to re-schedule a summer test date to September.

We just signed up this morning. I’ve been checking each day, and today was the first day it was available.

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Just check this evening for the Seattle area, and there were only 5 sites listed within 65 miles, all of which were listed as full. Maybe it’s not fully populated yet. Signed up for a notification and didn’t receive it yet.

Very frustrated with ACT for cancelling the June test at our son’s planned location (and they confirmed it was ACT cancelling, not them). You’d think with test-optional looming everywhere, ACT would be upping their game and not aggressively cancelling tests everyplace. Go figure.

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I got the text notification today and within 5 minutes was signed on. Most dates and locations with 50 miles full through 2022. I did manage to get my twins into the Dec and June dates though. Not what we wanted but we can make that work. I suspect seats were offered earlier to those who were canceled on last year?

I’m so frustrated with ACT and their ability to even have available test centers that I’m about ready to throw up my hands and have my son go test-optional. I cannot fathom how they can shoot themselves in the foot like this, right when test-optional admissions are making ACT/SAT less important.

I know! I was shocked at the availability. I am assuming they offered seats early to those who were cancelled on last year. And maybe the test centers are limiting capacity still? Anyway there’s a big backlog. Still, in CA with the UCs going test blind I was surprised it was so booked up.