September ACT

Has anyone else heard or noticed that the September ACT tends to be generally “easier” than other test dates…?

Some may believe that but it is not supported by any real evidence. ACT has many tests that it uses repeated times. For example, a test given five years ago could show up this year. In doing so, ACT does not designate any particular test for any particular month, e.g., the test given five years ago in February could be the test given in September 2015. Thus, even assuming there are tests that are a little easier than others, the probability of getting the easier test in Sep is no different from the probability of getting it on any other test date.

This may be due to a misunderstanding. A test with a higher average score may also due to more senior students retaking the test. September ACT usually has more senior students taking it before EA/ED application. Junior student rarely start taking ACT that early. The curve for score has been determined before the test is conducted. So it is not fixed by certain ratio or percentage within the same test. It is the composition of the candidates that makes the difference.