serious problem, need help please

<p>recently i read about the peer evaluation given by my friend, and i found that (1).there is a sentence in the recommendation is almost the same as one in my essay. i think this is because my friend has read through all my application materials. (2) at the end of the rec, the name of the school was another college! </p>

<p>this recommendation is to my dream school, would you please give me some advice? Should I write an email to the admission office to apologize and tell them my sincerity? or just forget it since the AOs will not care much about it?</p>

<p>I really really appreciate your help and advice. Thank you in advance!!!!!!</p>

<p>My opinion only;
1. I don't think it will matter much.
2. This is bad, write them a letter</p>

<p>thank you noobcake!
but what should i say if i write to them?</p>

<p>I don't see anything to worry about. </p>

<p>The wrong college name will reflect on your friend, not on you since your friend presumably wrote the recc. It just seems like a careless error from a stressed student.</p>

<p>".there is a sentence in the recommendation is almost the same as one in my essay"</p>

<p>I doubt they'll notice this.</p>

<p>At most, they may check with your friend to make sure that your friend, not you wrote the letter.</p>

<p>Your writing the college about the letter would only call their attention to things they'd otherwise overlook.</p>

<p>OH, thank you Northstarmom,
I really appreciate your words,</p>