Service selection

<p>Would anyone know where I could find info on service selection. Today is the day firsties learn their SS. My Kid graduated last year but I am curiouis about some of his friends notably EOD or SEAL</p>

<p>The Mids received their service selection today- the numbers should follow in the days ahead.</p>

<p>27 SEALS selected.</p>

<p>That's a high number.</p>

<p>Lot of celebrations yesterday and the firstys had liberty, My mid was in charge of the detail to make sure the firstys did not 'celebrate to exuberantly" once they got back to Bankcroft after liberty. Finally go the last one in her company tucked away about 0300.</p>

<p>Congrats to all!</p>

<p>Sounds familiar. Last year I called my kids favotite bar and bought him a gift certificate to celebrate with,it was a big hit with his pack. The Dont has made things a lot better for the mids these last two years. He probably went out and tossed down a few.</p>

<p>My son was selected EOD and thought 14 or so were selected. One other mid in his company was also selected EOD. Shaved head and eyebrows are a treat for Thanksgiving pictures.</p>

<p>usnad10, My S, now stationed in FL, was selected EOD last Nov. He's at home for T'giving telling us stories of running for miles in water-filled ditches and very chilly mile swims in the bay.</p>

<p>Thanks PackMom. Enjoy your time with your son. Best wishes.</p>

<p>usnadad10...I meant to also say a big congrats to your S. I know how hard those slots are to come by. Last yr. there were only 12 for USNA and 12 for NROTC. Everybody knows about Seals (and ask if that is what S is doing) but get a blank look when I say EOD. Good luck to your S in the rest of his senior yr.</p>

<p>Thanks PackMom - How true are your comments. It was interesting at Thanksgiving as relatives posed questions to our firstie about what EOD is and what he will be doing.</p>

<p>Best to your family.</p>

<p>You can read the book "Down Range" by Dick Couch. That book has some actual accounts of SEAL/EOD OPs in the "War on Terror".</p>

<p>AWW, reading the excitement here made my day. Congratulations to everyone. For PackMom & usnadad10, I provided a few great EOD links that will give your confused family and friends a good idea of what your guys will be doing. My son is an EOD Lt. who absolutely, completely, and utterly LOVES his job. He is the handsome guy being interviewed in the last link below. He said that his team was standing behind the camera-man doing everything humanly possible to distract him. : D</p>

<p>Good luck to both of your boys.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Navy EOD
YouTube</a> - Navy EOD
YouTube</a> - NEW! EOD Recruiting Video
YouTube</a> - HIghway 1 IED prevention</p>

<p>Handsome, superb communicator ...especially in the face of friendly adversity and harassment. What's notably impressive??? He didn't even flinch. Tell him thanks for his amazing service.</p>

<p>Whistle Pig:</p>

<p>Your kind words are most appreciated. I will certainly pass them along. Thank you. =]</p>

<p>Does the NA publish a listing of selections (including how many got their first choice)? The google only shows lists from some local/state support groups and these have only their Mids listed.</p>

<p>UDmom, thanks for the links. Your S was very impressive in the interview.<br>
Even after I explain EOD to relatives, they think S1 must be crazy!<br>
EOD was all he ever wanted to do and is very anxious to get started.
S1 starts EOD Dive Sch. on Dec. 15th...cold ocean water...Brrrr.</p>

<p>Congrats to all!</p>

<p>NFO here!!! :)</p>


<p>BRRR is right! The water is plenty cold this time of year, even in Panama City! Oh my, December 15th is just around the corner.</p>

<p>Training was a wonderful journey for our boy. He truly took pleasure in every moment. The Navy groomed him into an exceptional leader, and a fine man. I am confident that your son’s experience will be similar. If your time permits, and you are so inclined, please do let me know how he is progressing. I will be rooting for him! =]</p>

<p>Thank you for the gracious sentiment regarding my son. That was his first NATO interview. When he saw the tape he called home, and reported to his father, “Well, dad, I said ‘um’ nearly a dozen times. I hope I haven’t embarrassed the navy.” (haha) God bless him!</p>