Services optimized for students 25 and older at Cal??


<p>There seem to be good services at Cal for people like me,,, --;..ouch..</p>

<p>but,, what kinda service is that..?</p>

<p>Anybody know?</p>

<p>free diapers.</p>

<p>sounds good..</p>

<p>I'm planning on calling them tomorrow. So far I haven't found needs particular to my age group, I'm guessing they're talking about more family-oriented services.</p>

<p>I visited the TRSP center when I went up there last summer. They have an awesome mentor program where you they set you up with a previous transfer student. My mentor has been awesome. She's been filling me in on how to navigate financial aid to increase my cost of attendance so that I'm eligible for more aid and I won't have to work so much. Of all the schools I've visited, Cal has, hands down, the best services for older students and students with families. The TRSP is will save your life and get you through Cal. They've got some really good, helpful people there.</p>

<p>my guess is that it's services that cater to student's needs that apply to older students such as reduced course loads (which is great because you can reduce your load to as low as 8 units & still get full F/A) & like physicsfem said, tier II budget appeals to get more money, parent grants for students w/ children can get an extra 6,000 per year grant, family student housing, etc.</p>

<p>Physicsfem-Can you elaborate a little more on the increase in financial aid that we are eligible for? I am 28 and part of the reason I am considering decling my offer to Cal is b/c I don't see how I can live off of the budget that they set for me. I am going to have to work and make at least $600-800/mo on top of what financial aid covers. I don't have a problem with working, in fact I want to, but the rent prices are astronomical and when I do the math, I don't see how I can get by. Thanks!</p>

<p>kc.... here is a helpful link for tier II budget appeals UC</a> Berkeley Financial Aid Office: Undergraduates » Budget Appeals</p>

<p>TRSP has excellent resources for older students. I'm not even a student but I signed up for their email updates last year. They seem to be very active with events, assistance, etc...</p>

<p>If you guys contact them tomorrow be sure to post the info you get back here...</p>

<p>The budget appeals are awesome. For example, my cost of attendance is $24,000 which is crazy low. So I can appeal up to $2000 for the cost of relocating to Berkeley (just save your receipts from your moving expenses). Also, my wife is having to quit her job to relocate so I can appeal the difference in her income if she doesn't find a job that pays as well up there. I can appeal any child care costs I have. There are emergency loans up to $600 that are disbursed within 72 hours. You can also take a reduced course load (my mentor did and I'm planning on it) so that you can work and/or take care of your kids.
When I went to the TRSP they were SO nice and everyone there had been in my shoes. They completely reassured me that, although it would be a struggle, that they would make sure that financial issues would not stand in the way of me achieving my educational goals. Alice Jordan is the lady who has ALL the resources in the Bay Area. You talk with her and she can tell you what to do. Before anyone declines Cal on the basis of finances (well, any adult student) talk with TRSP and Alice Jordan first. It's a bunch of bureaucracy, but they know their way around it. You just have to find the right people to talk to and they will help.</p>

<p>Physicsfam-Thank you SO much. I will actually be @ Berkeley on Fri and Sat, so hopefully I can connect with Alice at some point Thanks again!</p>

<p>Good luck, Sunshine! I'll be there the following weekend crossing my t's and dotting my i's. I really hope that the TRSP center gives you the reassurance you need so that you can become a Bear. Cal is an AWESOME school--I hope to see you there!</p>