Set Backs

<p>Does anyone know the policy for being set back? My plebe said that the policy has recently changed due to budgetary problems. What triggers a disenrollment for academic reasons?</p>

<p>I think they have a magic eight ball in Wiley Hall that they shake to determine the outcome.</p>

<p>Actually it can vary so widely that it would almost be impossible to speculate. Usually if one person has difficulty in one class they can count on summer school or possibly a set back. If it gets to more than two or three courses the odds of disenrollment will increase. With that being said it could seem at times very arbitrary with two midshipmen with two very similar stories ending up with two very different results.</p>

<p>kp2001--I thought it was a ouija board????</p>

<p>I thought it was a coin...heads setback tails disenrollment</p>

<p>:) I thought it was a combination of both Ouija and coin of 3</p>

<p>Rumor has it that 1st trimester is going to be straight disenrollment because of the space issue still. But it is just a rumor. As kp2001 said, you never know what ya gonna get from the white house.</p>

<p>oh, well if it's a rumor...then, by all means post it.</p>

<p>Count the number of graduates of the class, go back to when they were plebes and you find a fairly consistent 2/3 ratio (feel free to double check and update) of those graduating to dropping out. Painful, but true, especially come those final 2 years. The big white house is certainly aware of the numbers, as well as the usual kids who just aren't going to make it, plus the handful of profs who aren't doing a very good job. So it is a crap shoot, depending on individual circumstance, summer school, timing and attitude. Some just can't handle it, some don't want to. 'Sometimes it is better to make a quick exit and start again rather than keep torturing yourself.</p>

<p>If a student is set back but wants to come back, what route do they then take (e.g. attending a community college taking the failed subjects?) Also, do students ever try to go to a prep program like NMMI the following Sept. after being set back, get some better study skills while taking the physics and calc and then after the prep year, come back to USMMA?</p>

<p>Also, whoever attempted to send private message, would you please try and resend. I wasn't able to access it the first time. Thanks.</p>

<p>Nope. Can't come back unless it is a medical issue, i.e. broken leg, car accident. This is not college. This is a Federal Academy.</p>

<p>My son was setback after the 1st Tri last year, failed Calc and Physics. He was sent home and had to take those courses at a local university and had to make a C or better or he couldn't come back. With that he rejoined the Academy in July right after indoc and started over taking the courses that he failed again.</p>