Setnor Scholarships?

<p>Hi there - I was just wondering if anybody has received (or heard of anyone receiving) word on scholarships from Setnor yet? My son has a pretty nice FA package going, but it would sure be nice to receive some more from them. Just curious - thanks in advance!</p>

<p>we saw my d's scholarship on my slice - she did not get a letter yet
18,000 director award for sax. Who got the full scholarships- wonder how many of those there were</p>

<p>any idea if they are still deciding on scholarships, or is it if you don't see one on myslice now then you aren't getting one? I got in for sax as well, and i really want to go, but it would be very hard to commit if there wasn't any financial aid coming my way.</p>


<p>I would wait to see what you get in the mail - I heard that not everything is on myslice. What other schools are you deciding on?</p>

<p>I hear from James Madison tomorrow, (which is only about 24k a year), I still have to hear from Ithaca, and then I got into SUNY Binghamton as a back up (24 K a year)... and since I'm considering Grad school, the more affordable undergrad would be a big help, but I really like cuse.</p>

<p>Are you majoring in performance? Do you know anything about Dr. Caravan? Would you pick Syracuse over Ithaca? My daughter is thinking about doing the music industry program.</p>

<p>I hope you hear something more from Syracuse - good luck</p>

<p>Hi there - thanks for the responses. My son got in for Music Ed (saxophone too!). We are quite sure he is going there. We have yet to hear from Ithaca as well. In fact, when I checked his myIthaca page, it lists his audition under missing materials. He auditioned in mid February. I'm going to call there today. Syracuse is his and our first choice. He has heard from a saxophone-playing friend that when you play a piece, if Dr. Caravan didn't write it, he knows the person who did. Don't know much else about him - I think he's supposed to be tough, but fair. As far as SU vs. Ithaca, my son also has a couple of friends who go to Ithaca and LOVE it. We liked SU because even though it is a huge campus, the music program is small and personal. So, he gets that small school feel with the advantages of big school. I think he would be happy at either place, but SU just won us over.</p>

<p>My daughter is definitely going to Syracuse- she also loved the campus. She was accepted to Ithaca but does not want education - she wants the industry program. We did not like Ithaca's campus as much because it seems if you don't have a car, it may be tough to get around. We did not get talent scholarship info from Ithaca- they said it comes in April. Do you know of anyone getting a full music scholarship from Syracuse -it says that they give them? Anyone going back to Syracuse on April 11?</p>

<p>Your daughter is the only person I have heard of getting any kind of talent scholarship from SU. When we visited Ithaca, I know my son's friend said she could take the bus into town, but has to pay each time. I may be wrong, but didn't SU say there is bus service to many places (e.g. the mall) that is provided free of charge? That's a small perk, but a nice one. We will be going to one of the spring receptions in April, but haven't definitely decided which day yet. I am looking forward to it!</p>

<p>My daughter has been accepted for vocal performance. Have been wondering about music scholarships-thanks for the tip about looking on myslice- nothing there, but as sopranos are "a dime a dozen" I would be really (pleasantly) surprised if she received a talent scholarship! She also auditioned at Ithaca mid-Feb and is still waiting to hear. Her audition is still listed as "missing" too!</p>

<p>when I was at Syracuse - they said that needed instruments (like oboes) were more likely to get money but voice (they specifically said soprano) would most likely not. Good luck with Ithaca - my daughter auditioned there March 1</p>

<p>Amomomous- I am a B.A. in Music (auditioned on Baritone Sax). I got the bad news I was expecting today, and received no financial aid from Syracuse at all, which is unheard of because my family cannot actually afford 45k a year for the next 8 years (I have a sister who will be a HS freshman next year)... as for Dr. Caravan, he is an amazing musical mind. I actually auditioned on his Sonata (for baritone sax) and he and my other judged seemed very pleased. They kept saying how much they enjoyed my audition, so I was pleased. I have a friend who currently attends Syracuse and studies with Caravan. He received the same schoalrship your daughter received. He absolutely loves it with Caravan. He really knows how to teach saxophone. He is an activce composer, and participates in Aeolin Sax Quartet. Caravan even has his own model of mouthpiece "the caravan" which is played by many professionals and students a like. Every saxophone player in my private teacher's studio uses a caravan mouthpiece. As far as saxophone goes, your daughter would receive a premier education. In comparison to Ithaca, I don't know as much about the teacher there. Ithaca's music program in general is very well regarded, either would be a very good choice. I worked at a music camp this summer in Oneonta, NY (The New York Summer Music Festival), and after talking to the various faculty, college students there, and Paul Cohen (professor of saxophone at NYU and Montclair State), they all had mixed reviews about Syracuse. They said that it is still regarded as one of the premier music schools, but in the past 10 years it has somewhat declined from where it used to be. </p>

<p>Congrats to your daughter, and I hope that this information has helped.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info Jman22! My daughter wants to go to the New York Summer Music Festival Oneonta so she can take a composition course and work with Paul Cohen. Are there going to be any other "campers" who are college age?
She wants to go for the first two weeks because there are not many places to go for compostion. Are you working there this year?</p>

<p>Amomomous- I truly am not expecting any talent money. We heard the same comments about sopranos. D also plays oboe, but unfortunately not well enough (and doesn't love it enough!) for audition purposes!! D. is currently actually preferring SUNY Fredonia to either SU or Ithaca.</p>

<p>P.S. to Amomomous- That's a great scholarship-congrats. to your daughter!</p>

<p>Thanks musmom2</p>

<p>Amomomous- Unfortunately I can't attend NYSMF this summer. It actually was a really hard decision to make since I had gone the previous 2 years and loved it to death. I highly recommend that your daughter goes. The composition program is absolutely amazing. If you go on <a href=""&gt;;/a> you can read more about it, but profressor Ludwig teaches composition at Yale and is fantastic. There are so many opportunities at NYSMF whether it is their great concert series, master classes, or ensembles. One of my good friends is going back this summer. He's going to be attending Indiana for Music Ed in Euphonium. There are plenty of college bound kids there. A lot of them are counselors, but there are also a decent amount of campers who are of college age. I definitely highly recommend it!</p>

<p>the Jman</p>

<p>Jman - Thanks so much! She will definitely be going. It sounds great. I really appreciate all the information.</p>

<p>No problem.. if you have any other questions just let me know.</p>