Seton Hall Questions...

<p>I am a rising senior, starting to narrow down my college selections... one of the colleges I am starting to look at a little bit more is Seton Hall University, and I just had a few questions.</p>

<li><p>How is the business program there? I am interested in doing marketing</p></li>
<li><p>Are there good options for picking and choosing classes? For example, while I would like to major in marketing, I would also like to maybe take some psychology classes, graphic design or some type of art class, etc.</p></li>
<li><p>How is the social life there? Are there a lot of things to do, lots of people still around on the weekends, and is it easy to get into NYC?</p></li>
<li><p>Any comments on the safety/security and the surrounding areas?</p></li>
<li><p>Do they offer decent financial aid from what you have heard/experienced? I got a 2050 on the SATs (1370 on the 1600 scale)... would this possibly receive merit aid?</p></li>
<li><p>How are the dorms and facilities? Are there good food options? those kinds of things haha</p></li>
<li><p>If you have gone there or have any experience with the university, what is something you really like about it and something you dislike about it?</p></li>

<p>Sorry for making this so long, these are just some of the questions I have... don't feel obliged to answer all of them, whatever information you have is greatly appreciated!</p>


<p>margauxlee, I will try to answer some of your questions although I'm probably not the best to do so only because my D2 is just entering SHU as a freshman this year. I'll try and respond to some of your questions below.</p>

<p>(1) I understand that the Stillman School of Business is a very good program and being SHU is in close proximity to NYC there should be lots of internship opportunities which is important in marketing.</p>

<p>(3) Very easy to get into NYC. Free shuttle takes you into South Orange train station roundtrip fare is like $7 to go into NYC - about 30 minute train ride. Apparently, lot of NJ kids do go home on weekends but there are still plenty of students that stay around on weekends too. Certainly not a ghosttown campus on weekends.</p>

<p>(4) Campus is gated. I've heard comments "don't go right when you walk out the gate" which is toward Newark. Downtown South Orange (left) is maybe a one-mile walk. I'd just say don't walk alone and stay in groups -- don't be stupid. On campus is apparently safe.</p>

<p>(5) Yes, merit aid is offered and should be decent based on your SAT -- and of course the higher the SAT the better. You have a good SAT now but it certainly would not hurt to take it again this fall and shoot for 1400+ (on 1600 scale). Of course class rank and GPA are also considered in merit award. My D2 had almost identical SAT scores as you have. Every student also gets a free laptop as an incoming freshman and then turns that in at end of sophomore year to get a new free laptop to keep. So something to keep in mind when considering overall cost.</p>

<p>(6) Housing is not guaranteed. You'll want to maintain good grades, participate in activities, volunteer, etc. because that all builds up points which moves you up on the priority list for the on-campus housing after your freshman year. Freshman year is based on how soon you make your deposit but have heard nobody having problem as long as you make deposit by the May 1 deadline. Food options -- lots of "make your own" areas within the cafeteria. My daughter liked having that option.</p>

<p>(7) Size of university is nice -- small size but big name. The other thing she also likes is that it's close and easy to get into NYC but it doesn't have the urban campus feel. That's probably something unique to SHU or at least not real common. It's the typical nice grassy quad campus. If you don't like the big city, stay on campus. You should be able to schedule the classes you want (unlike large universities). Students were very friendly and helpful on all our visits. I would say housing is still a concern -- with on-campus housing not being guaranteed and off-campus housing is probably either expensive or in bad areas.</p>

<p>My D2 did not have SHU on her short list at all. She applied to 4 other universities and then kept getting emails from SHU to apply. So she did the free online app in late November, and once she received her merit financial aid only then did she go visit and decided she really liked the campus the best of all her short-list schools. I would say it will really depend on the amount of merit aid you get because the need-based FAFSA aid is primarily loans. But if you're close enough to SHU, I'd say go visit even before you apply and get your questions answered by more knowledgeable people. If you're not close to SHU, I'd say do the free online app and see at least what they offer in merit aid before making the trip. Good luck with your senior year and your college search!</p>

<p>This was very helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time. I am somewhat close so I will probably go visit soon as you said. I am hearing a lot of great things about SHU, I think it is definitely one to consider</p>