Seton Hall University vs Old Dominion University?

Total Expenses: $54,894

Total amount of grant money (with estimated NJ TAG Grant): $42,358

  • $12,536 is the money that would have to come out of my/my parents pocket(s)
    Without the NJ TAG Grant: $29,920
  • $24,974 out of pocket money
    If you add in loans, the total amount of financial aid (with TAG) I received is: $47,858
  • $7,036 out of pocket money
    Without TAG: $35,420
  • $19,474 out of pocket money

The loans add up to $5,500 per year

Is the NJ TAG Grant estimate accurate? How is it determined if I will certainly receive it?

Total Expenses: $43,744

Total amount of grant money: $16,420

  • $27,324 out of pocket
    If you add in loans: $21,920
  • $21,824 out of pocket

The loans add up to $5,500 per year

I am able to receive GI BILL money (my mother is in the military), but since I have to split it with my siblings, I can only receive 9 MONTHS without taking away from them.

Since the GI Bill goes by time, I will have to be able to split 9 months over a total of four years (without taking from my siblings).

A full term semester (12-18 credits) at Seton costs $18,500
A credit at ODU (out of state) costs $891

  • Does this mean that each class costs about $2,673 (3 credits per class)?
  • $13,365 per semester (if I take 5 classes - 15 credits)

Can someone please explain to me how much the GI Bill would be able to cover me for? Which school (combined with the GI Bill) would I have a better deal at? Will the GI Bill be able to cover my out of pocket expenses for Seton and/or ODU?