Seton Hall vs Fairleigh Dickenson - Florham

<p>Is anyone familiar with both schools? They seem to have similar stats. This would be for an average (B+) student from Virginia. Don't know much about NJ. Proximity to NY City would be the draw, but South Orange does not sound very safe - is Madison better? Seton Hall seems to have a better academic reputation.</p>

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<p>This is old but the question is still of interest to many. Seton Hall is ranked 128th in USN&WR among all national universities. This includes all the very top schools, the ivies, the mega state schools etc. so this ranking is really a very good ranking as it is considered a small but major university. Small fish in a big pond. A school for B+ students</p>

<p>FDU is ranked 69th in USN&WR but in the northeast regional group, which is a much smaller, local group of schools. Small fish in a small pond. A good school, but for C+/B- students.</p>

<p>So your assessment that Seton Hall is a much stronger school in reputation and academics is accurate.</p>