Setting sights too high?

<p>Can people who have applied to/been accepted by/attend any of these schools tell me what my chances are/give advice? Thank you very much:</p>

<p>University of Chicago
Northwestern University
Georgetown University
Carnegie Mellon
Johns Hopkins
Tufts University</p>

<p>I will be a senior this year. I am an IB Diploma candidate. My GPA was 3.5 at the end of my junior year. I attended a Montessori school in 9th grade where I had a 4.0 but some family/domestic issues led to my GPA dropping a little once I began attending the public high school I am at now. I am planning on my counselor including a note addressing this.</p>

<p>SATs: 730 CR 630 Math 770 Writing, taking SAT IIs in French and Literature in a couple months.</p>

<p>I have mentored students at a school for homeless kids since junior year. I have babysat for many years. I have fenced since the 9th grade. I am interested in French and have volunteered at my local Alliance Francaise this summer. I expect excellent teacher recommendations and essays.</p>

<p>Ok well your GPA is a bit low...but your rank matters a lot more. Unfortunately your junior year grades will matter a lot more than the good grades you got in 9th grade, but you should definitely explain to colleges if extenuating circumstances (i.e. family issues) affected your grades. Your SAT (math score) is also a bit low for some of the schools you're looking at. I'd suggest trying ACT or retaking SAT to boost your chances. Also try to show more leadership in your EC's, since they seem a bit weak now. Great essays and recs will definitely help you out a lot, but here's my take on your chances:
UChicago, Northwestern, CMU, JHU-High Reach
Georgetown, Tufts-Mid Reach

<p>Your math score will hurt your chance at places like CMU, JHU, etc. but places like UChicago put a lot of weight on creative essays, so you have a shot there if your a good writer. Good luck to you...and though I'm not a grad from any of these schools (I'm applying now like you) I hope this helps :)</p>