Setting up auditions

<p>Is anyone else out there having difficulty setting up an audition at American? My D emailed them a month ago (as their website instructed) to try to set up her audition. She received an email back saying that they would be scheduling auditions in the next week or so and that they would get back to her. After one month with no further contact, she emailed them again and said she was just following up and was wondering about an audition date and time. She got an email in response saying that, while they could give her a date, they were “running a bit behind” and it would be several more weeks before they could give her any more details. </p>

<p>Compared to the process of setting up auditions at other schools, this seems strange to me. At this point, I guess we will pencil in that date and wait to hear more. Any insight on this from anyone with experience with AU?</p>

<p>We are also still waiting for a confirmation on the audition date. Not sure what is taking so long.</p>

<p>FYI, we did get a confirmation email on December 17th, so I think we are all set.</p>