Several Questions

<p>1) I know that if you submit before Nov 15, you have a better chance of getting in. But is that exactly like rolling system where sooner you apply, the better you're? or do they consider all the ones that applied before Nov.15 with equal chances? So basically I'm saying, does it make a difference whether I send my app on say, Sept. 2 or Nov. 12? </p>

<p>2) I'm doing my app in PDF file on Adobe. and I noticed that the hand doesn't just become a cursor for you to type. so I assumed that you had to make a box (free text tool) and type everything like that. But then how do you do those circles where you have to check mark them? (why don't they make it like common app where you can just type automatically?)</p>

<p>3) I'm planning on majoring in bioengineering. and it says if you're gonna do that then you have to choose a back-up engineering major. why is that? oh also, how is engineering compared to other colleges in terms of quality and acceptance rate?</p>

<p>4) For the activity list, it says to put down the phone# or e-mail of the person in charge. Do you have to do that? I mean, what if you just don't know?</p>

<p>thnx in advance~!</p>

<p>1) In the past some highly qualified people have gotten their decisions by late September and early October but I don't know if that still holds true.</p>

<p>2) You will have to mark them in with pen after you print out the PDF.</p>

<p>3) Bioengineering is a very new program at UIUC so they accept only about 30 students a year (compared to several hundred in some other engineering majors) so it's very competitve. The middle 50% of SAT scores is something like 1480-1600 so applicants who could get admission into other engineering fields are likely to be rejected from bioengineering until the program matures.</p>

<p>4) I got them off my school's website. I would go ask your school if you don't know.</p>

<p>about the phone numbers: just put them down however logically they won't bother even calling those numbers considering how many applications they will be getting. but if its say something major like President of Student council, they might.</p>

<p>thank you both.
GShine- 1) so you don't know if we have equal chance of getting in as long as we send it before Nov 15?
2) you use pen only for that part, right? The rest you type?
3)Wow are you serious? aobut 30 people and 1480-1600 SAT score for BioEngineering? damn.. that's like impossible (for me).</p>

<p>tennisfan88- I know they're not gonna check, but do u still HAVE to put them down? I mean, what if you have absolutely no way of knowing it? say, you lost contact with them, they moved somewhere far away, they're dead, or whatever. I guess you just put "not available" then..</p>

<p>well if that was the case then I would either put a) your schools main office phone number or just your guidance counselor's number. b) or yes you could just put down unavailable or deceased or transferred schools if that was the case.</p>

<p>In the past, UIUC has generally held off sending out decisions for those who apply before Nov 15 until after that date. It has admitted some earlier but those are usually ones who would probably be admitted even if they waited until later to apply (e.g., students well into the upper 25% range of admittees). Thus, getting everything in by November 15 is generally as good as getting it in earlier. Note that the Nov 15 priority date requires you to get everything into their hands (not just postmarked) by that date -- app, test scores, transcript, counselors statement, signature page (if you have applied on line) -- and thus if you start the process of applying and ordering things to be sent a week before Nov 15, you are likely not going to meet the prioity application date deadline because something, e.g., test scores, will arrive later. </p>

<p>Bioengineering is very difficult to get admitted but they will likely actually accept about 70 to 75 this year in the hope of getting an enrollment of about half that. When started two years ago they wanted enrollment of about 25 to 30 and each year they are rasing their enrollment goal a little; that 30 number mentioned above was enrollment not those admitted (which is usually about double the expected enrollment). However, the SAT range is accurate and ACT is generally 33 or above, class rank top 7% or better,and thus they want you to name another major in engineering so they can also consider you for it. For other engineering majors the middle 50% range this year was 30 to 32 ACT and top 12% to top 3% class rank.</p>

<p>Thank you very much.
I have another question. Does UIUC not require counselor/teacher recommendation? I was looking through the app. but couldn't find it. Also, if that's true, then can I send the letters of recommendations anyway?</p>

<p>I dont think they look at them. Cause I asked if I could send a resume, and the lady said, no.</p>

<p>I heard they completely ignore all resumes, teacher recs, and anything that they don't ask for so I wouldn't send it.</p>

<p>Also, has anyone been admitted yet? Just so I know if I should keep getting excited when I check my status or if I have 2+ months to wait.</p>

<p>still pending decision... im guessing mid october but i feel lik such a retard checking every day lol</p>

<p>Haha me too. I check daily+ and keep waiting for that "Pending Decision" to change to something good :)</p>

<p>Haha, my application status is still "incomplete items outstanding". cooljay136, what course did you apply to?</p>

<p>I applied to College of Engineering. you?</p>

<p>" Does UIUC not require counselor/teacher recommendation?"</p>

<p>There is a counselors form that is part of the application that you need to have filled out by your counselor. It is more a verification statement confirming you are a student in good standing , seeking your class rank, and the like. Otherwise UIUC neither requires nor wants recommendations.</p>