Severely LACKING in saftey schools! AAH...

<p>Soooo I do believe I'll get into a maximum of two of my schools out of ten. So I really do think I need some more saftey or MATCH schools... if anyone could reccomend a few to me, that'd be great :)</p>

<p>Basically, me in a nutshell: </p>

<p>3.2UW GPA / 3.7W GPA / 5 AP classes + all honor courseload / 2200 SAT / 3 > 700 SATIIs / statewide art awards & full art portfolio with recs / 500+ hours of community service / public high school in MA / chinese female going premed? or ir?! or something, i'm still kinda undecided.</p>

<p>COLLEGE LIST. PROBABLY FINAL. In order of preference... </p>

<p>Wesleyan University (R)
Williams College (R)
Boston College (R)
Tufts University (R)
Trinity College (M/R?)
Brandeis University (R)
UConn (M/S?)
Union College (M)
Boston University (M/S - father is alumni)
UMass Amherst (S)</p>

<p>As you can see... I basically only have one SAFTEY saftey. lol... My list is kinda unbalanced, more heavy towards the "reach" side, yeah. I don't understand why so many of my friends who are AMAZING students (better than me, anyways) are applying to ALL little match or saftey schools that I've never heard of... isn't it better to apply to more reaches to see where you MIGHT get in? ... </p>

<p>Help pleaaaaase :(</p>

<p>You should have 2-3 "likely" or safety schools on your list</p>

<p>Have you thought about Skidmore, Ithaca College---both are strong in the arts if that is your interest.</p>

<p>I'll look into Skidmore and Ithaca =) Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>You don't need to really worry about it - you're applying to so many schools that you'll probably get into about 3-5 of them. I only applied to 2 (one M/S, one R) and managed to get into college.</p>

<p>If you want to do visual/fine arts and that's pretty much it:</p>

<p>Pratt Institute (NYC)
Parsons School of Design-New School University (NYC)</p>

<p>I think UConn, UMass, Union, and BU seem like safeties for you but who knows</p>

<p>Maybe Muhlenberg?</p>

<p>when u said safety i thought you meant literally-security.
funny thing i live in new haven (where the old peaceful YALE is)
and there has been more than 15 murders in this small city since may of this year. most of them took place in the ghetto that's closesst to my house