Sewanee: University of the South?

<p>There's not much on here about Sewanee. I saw it online and really liked it and it seems like a really amazing school. Had anyone here experienced or heard anything negative about it.
Also, would I be able to get in. I'd need a lot of financial aid for tuition and stuff, but I would be able to fit in with the prep atmosphere since I've gone to private school up until high school. I have around a 4.0 and participate in tons of different extracurricular activities (principal's advisory, top choir, science club, tennis team). I have almost all "Gifted" classes which are the equivalent of AP or better here.
Thanks :)</p>

<p>Its a great school. I believe Teddy Roosevelt went there. Gorgeous campus and setting. A tad bit remote. Full of history and tradition. VERY southern. Strong academics but also a lot of fun. People who go there love it. Its a great alternative to Vanderbilt or Washington and Lee.</p>

<p>I think there's a good write up on it in Choosing the Right College.</p>

<p>Very nice outdoorsy school</p>

<p>Sewanee Traditions:</p>

<p>Faculty members as well as certain students with very good records have worn academic gowns to class since the 1870s. For nearly a century, the Order of Gownsmen performed the functions of student government. Since 1970 it has shared this responsibility with the Student Assembly. </p>

<p>A dress code for students was adopted in 1869. It survives as a dress tradition — men in coats and ties, women in skirts or dresses — for class, chapel, and cultural events.</p>

<p>Teddy Roosevelt, an alumi of the U of the South? Good heavens no. Teddy, like other NY aristocrats, was a Harvard man. Perhaps you're thinking of his mother's (Bullock) southern roots. Two of her brothers were confederate officers</p>

<p>It's an awesome place. I go up there for retreats and just to hike around.
It IS remote, and there is a lot of drinking (like everywhere else....). Strong academics, lots to do outdoors and a gorgeous setting. About 90 minutes from Nashville and less to Chattanooga. (It's a lot like SMU! (only kidding- that was for gadad!) :)</p>

<p>I stand corrected. I had some vague memory of Teddy Roosevelt having some connection with Sewanee. I read that somewhere in a book. Perhaps I am mistaken. I suppose for a President who went skinny dipping in the Potomoc that going to Sewanee wouldnt have been the right place. LOL.</p>

<p>My D was at Sagamore Hill just yesterday by the way, his homeplace.</p>

<p>I was aware his mother had Confederate roots...</p>

<p>1899 football team went 12-0, outscoring opponents 322-10. Defeated, among others, Tennessee, Texas, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Texas A&M and North Carolina.</p>

<p>1899</a> Sewanee Tigers football team - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Most remarkably, beat the following 5 teams in a six day period-</p>

Texas A&M
Ole Miss</p>

<p>All shutouts.
All on the road.</p>

<p>LOL.....hope springs ETERNAL!</p>