Sexy Latina needs help!

<p>SOS! Ok so im Guatemalan- American.... ive lived in latin america all my life and now its time to go to college. Ok so you might ask your selfves why i would willingly leave my Latin Paradise for the cold New England winters... simply because college education here is a full blown spoils system (ask me for details!). Anyway, I feel like I am really behind on everything. I applied to Harvard EA, I was deffered. You guys are all obsessed with putting up you stats so here goes to nothing:
SAT I: 2050 (I know itll give you a hoot but what ever, I had no idea what the SAT was until October of my Junior Year!)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (weighted)</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Student Governement (Rep. and Senior Vice President)
Varsity Soccer (Team Captain)
Debate Team (President)
Latin Literary Club
Tons of Community Service (Orphans, Drug Addicts, War Victims, poverty developement...)
Salsa Dance Academy
German Language institute
Journalism (editor of school's leftist politiacl mag..)
umm yeah thats pretty much it... im very hands on, involved in lots of community based stuff...</p>

<p>Lets see what else do you guys like to put on here...</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I dont have very many awards, they kinda dont exsist here...</p>

<p>But i have one a couple of best delegate awards for debate
and a couple of awards from my school</p>

<p>Oh yeah my school: small (250 students k-12), religious school (ok my parents didnt have pile of money to send me to an expensive school and the public school system here is more like a daycare for the most eclectic collection of gangs and empoverished valley girls) and im #1 out of 24 (yipeeee.. hey i dont care if its not out of 458, its an accomplishment!)</p>

<p>hum lets... thats pretty much it... now students judge away... and if anyone is on this joint to make friends... send me a message, but overall HELP!! (My school doesnt really have a college counselor... the principal himself fills all the reports!)</p>

<p>What are we supposed to help with? We already know you got deferred from Harvard....</p>

<p>I dont know... can i get in to another school? to harvard?</p>

<p>Harvard deferring you basically means you're still in the game, and you have a slim chance of getting admitted. Harvard is never a safety for anyone, but it sounds like you're not too sure where you want to go. If you're looking for Northeastern schools, there's a ton to choose from! :) Wellesley College sounds like it might be a good fit for you. They place a lot of emphasis on diversity and your class rank will help you. What exactly are you looking for in a college anyways? The Princeton Review also has tools that can help you narrow down your college list if you want to go to school in the U.S. Hope this helps!