SFS Essay: Too General/Generic?

<p>Hi guys! I'm applying EA to SFS, and I was having trouble thinking of a topic for my essay. Suddenly, during a conversation with a relative from India complaining about his country's own lack of a coherent "grand strategy", I had a flash of inspiration. </p>

<p>I want to write about the failure for the U.S. to develop a its own grand strategy after the Cold War and the conflict between Jefferson/Wilsonian Liberal Idealism and the realpolitik of Hamilton/Kissinger/Powell and my views on what America's strategy should be. The only problem is, this topic seems fairly broad. Also, since this topic has been discussed and debated for 250+ years, I get the feeling that it's too generic as well. What are your thoughts? Should I be more specific and less general? Or am I working in the right direction? Do I need to cite sources or is the essay a little bit more of a personal statement than an academic paper? I would love to get some feedback, especially from some current SFS students.</p>

<p>I'm sure that SFS has accepted all manners of essays, specific and broad. If it's what you're passionate about, write it! Georgetown isn't looking for a specific essay, or a specific type of person. Just show them your best analytic skills. Also, the only issue I can think of with writing your essay on a broad issue like you mentioned is that it would be harder to suggest precise, doable solutions.</p>