Just reaching out to see who has gotten into SFSU for the fall 2020 year… both transfer and first timers!

Thanks !

My niece was accepted a few weeks ago for Kinesiology as a Freshman applicant.
CSU GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1160

Accepted in early December for Business Administration
ACT: 28
CSU GPA: 3.55? I believe, can’t recall for certain. For some reason calculated much lower than 3.8 UC GPA

Likely not attending but it was nice to see an acceptance and the colorful Gator mail. Good luck to all of you.

Accepted today as a freshman for Film Studies!

Will most likely attend an east coast school (I’m in Los Angeles) but it’s a great safety if I want to stay in state.

Applied as a freshman for film studies as well. But today they sent me an email requesting official transcripts before a decision can be made? Anyone have any idea what that could mean.
BTW last semester I got 3 A’s and 2 B’s so not super worried about sending it just confused

CSU GPA: 3.3
SAT: 860 (I know awful not sure how I got in anywhere lol)
Major: Film Studies
Extracurriculars /leadership: Cheerleader 4 years
Instate?: Yes orange county
Gender: Female
Applying to what schools? CSULA, SFSU, Humbolt state, Sac state, CSUN, Boise state, UNLV (all for variations of film)
Accepted: Boise, UNLV, Humbolt, Sac
Waiting on: CSULA, SFSU, CSUN
Thanks guys and good luck!

@joooohnie: Usually it means you are a borderline candidate for admission and they want to see that you are doing well academically Senior year before rendering a decision. Many applicants will get this request so send in the transcripts as soon as you can.

Accepted today for Pre-Nursing w/ 2.97 CSU GPA & 1290 SAT 28 ACT

https://future.sfsu.edu/impaction lists which majors are impacted at SFSU.

Currently (for fall 2020 entry):

Accounting Concentration in Business
Health Education
Industrial Design (Product Design and Development)
Kinesiology (Exercise and Movement Sciences)
Kinesiology- Integrated Teacher Education Program in PE (ITEP)
BSN Nursing
Social Work
Visual Communication Design

Accepted in December for Anthropology
GPA: 3.2
Non local

ACCEPTED!! (cinema B.A.)

Hey I got the same exact thing after you send your transcript how long did they take to respond for acceptance. Kinesiology major though

How long does it take for sfsu to see your electronic transcript from parchment to be reviewed for acceptance

@jtchang It only took a couple of days for me.

@jtchang I was asked for my transcripts on Feb. 4th (submitted Feb. 4th) and accepted on Feb. 11th! Good luck

okay thank you. was your major impacted though

Does anybody get rejected from SF State? Hahaaaa

It’s the community college of CSUs.

I got accepted to 5 cal states but I’m debating between CSUF or SFSU majoring in kinesiology. However I know that csuf has a good kin program but I would like to be in sf. I’m from SoCal. I was wondering if SFSU kinesiology program any good?

@Gumbymom hi, was wondering if you would mind answering an aid question. SFSU updated financial aid today and my package includes Pell and University state grants plus $12.5k per year in subsidized/unsubsidized loans. Does that seem like the norm with a CA state school? EFC was 001453 or something similar. There’s a line for awards and grants on a separate page but it says award access not available. Wondering if maybe the package isn’t complete? Looks like an awful lot of loan debt for two years…

Also, is this an indication of how my aid packages may look for UC schools? Thank you for any assistance!

SFSU does not claim to meet need so the Cal Grant will pay for Tuition and the Pell grant can be used to for housing/books/personal expenses. The rest is up to you and they have offered some loans to help cover the gap.

Your EFC is only the minimum you are expected to pay not the amount you will pay.

If you can commute, then great all expenses should be covered. If you plan to live on-campus, then the majority of your housing will not be covered by the grants and you will need to pay from your savings, parent savings or take out the loans.

@Gumbymom this part I understood, >>> Your EFC is only the minimum you are expected to pay not the amount you will pay. The rest I was unsure of as I’m not familiar with how financial aid packages work. Thank you for the clarification!

Wasn’t planning on attending SFSU. Was curious if this was an indication of how my aid might look for UC’s but UCSC hasn’t updated that information yet so I’ll wait and see. Thanks again