SFSU application status

Hi everyone. I submitted my sfsu application for fall 2019 a few weeks ago but don’t get any email response about whether they received my application or not. The other two Universities I applied already sent me an email. Do I need too ask them or just wait…??

hey! I applied last Saturday on October 27th and no response either.

D just got a response from SFSU on Dec 10. so set up portal.

I haven’t gotten a response either… What happens if they don’t respond by dec 15?

D was admitted today - applied 11/25, Undeclared. She received an email - hadn’t set up her portal yet.

Son applied well before the deadline. Has not heard from sfsu about the portal setup. Weird because he has heard from pretty much all the others he applied to by now. We will call them tomorrow. His EI is 3998. What do you think his chances are for getting into the Communications?

Just got admitted! so early

Did you get an email or just check the portal? And if you don’t mind my asking, what is your EI?

Got a confirmation email from them a few days ago. Said that their system just recently received my application when I applied ages ago, which is strange.

Got admission in pre-design as of 19th of Dec. Anyone in pre-design?

anyone apply for social work?

What do you mean “pre-design” ? I’m a transfer student, they said I got accepted into the industrial design program, back in NOVEMBER! (I applied october 8th, design department likely got my supplemental transcript late october, got acceptance letter on november 8th)…When I called them, they said I’m “pre-design”, but the school has me listed as an industrial design major.

sorry, I lied, December 18th is when I apparently got in.

Does yours specifically state that you’re pre-design? Or did undergraduate admit you under your program?

@Korak what do you mean by pre-design?

It’s where you’re not directly in a design program per se, but working towards getting into it. I.E taking classes dedicated towards design, and then applying to be a full up design student for your last two years.

Mine got his acceptance today for Communications! :slight_smile:

Are they sending decisions through email or the login portal? Mine says my application is under preliminary review?

We got no email. It updated on the portal.

Does SFSU tell you if you didn’t get in? My application still says under preliminary review. Will the status change to rejected or something if you don’t get in?

Yes. You will hear accepted, denied or waitlisted once the decision is made. This is what the CSU website says.
"Through March—depending on how quick each campus is—you should receive your admission decision (meaning whether you’ve been admitted, denied admission, or waitlisted for admission). "