SFSU Fall 21, will I get in?

Hi! I’m an international student, came to Seattle Central College from Sweden at the beginning of 2019. I have since then transferred out to a state school in Minnesota, but don’t feel like it’s my place in the world. My girlfriend lives in San Francisco and I LOVE the city, and I have applied to SFSU for fall 21, but now stress a lot about getting in.

My GPA from Seattle is 3.5 (current college GPA will probably be the same or higher), I will have the golden 4’s done (math class this spring in Minnesota), applying to Visual Communication Design which is no longer an impacted major. I have talked to admissions counselors and such, and they all basically say that I don’t have to worry, but would love some students’ experiences and some calming words as well. Have I missed anything?

The average Transfer GPA for SFSU was 3.0 so you are well above the average. You should have no problem in getting an acceptance.


SFSU is not an impacted campus, so applicants to non-impacted majors should only need to meet minimum CSU eligibility requirements to be admitted.

Asking as I’m an international and not 100% understood with the whole college admission process; so take SFSU as of last year where they apparently admitted around 78% of transfer students. Would that mean that a whopping 22% didn’t have a GPA of over 2.0? Or does it mean they didn’t necessarily have the golden 4s?

Or they applied for impacted majors that required a higher (unlisted) GPA.

Alright, thank you!

Seeing as there are quite a few impacted majors, that makes more sense. Having gone through transfer to a design program at uni before, I’m surprised (but also relieved I guess haha) that the Visual Communication Design program is lifted from impacted majors.