SFSU to UCB transfer

I have just finished my freshman year as a Business major with a 3.8 GPA. I am fairly confident I can maintain this GPA until the end of my sophomore year. I want to transfer to UCB, and have tried my best to take the courses that can transfer to UCB, by using Assist. However, Assist doesn’t show all the classes, and my biggest concern is that whether Business calculus is transferable to Berkeley, or whether Berkeley only accepts regular calculus for their business major. Does Berkeley accept business calculus? Has anyone successfully transferred from SFSU to UCB?
P.S. Please DON’T say that I should have gone to a CC first as this is not an option.

This is the Math requirements for UCB HAAS:

Math 16A &16B or

Math 1A & 1B or

Math 1A & 16B or

Math 53 or Math 54

Math 1A is Regular Calculus: This sequence is intended for majors in engineering and the physical sciences. An introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, with applications and an introduction to transcendental functions.gular caclulus:

Math 16A or 16B are Analytical Geometry and Calculus

Math 53 which is Multivariable Calculus or Math 54 which is Linear Algebra


Business Calculus does not fulfill the requirement.