SFSU to UCB transfer

I have just finished my freshman year as a Business major with a 3.8 GPA. I am fairly confident I can maintain this GPA until the end of my sophomore year. I want to transfer to UCB, and have tried my best to take the courses that can transfer to UCB, by using Assist. However, Assist doesn’t show all the classes, and my biggest concern is that whether Business calculus is transferable to Berkeley, or whether Berkeley only accepts regular calculus for their business major. Does Berkeley accept business calculus? Has anyone successfully transferred from SFSU to UCB?
P.S. Please DON’T say that I should have gone to a CC first as this is not an option.

Copied my reply to your other discussion:

Business calculus does not fulfill the UCB’s HAAS admission requirements:

This is the Math requirements for UCB HAAS:
Math 16A &16B or

Math 1A & 1B or

Math 1A & 16B or

Math 53 or Math 54

Math 1A is Regular Calculus: This sequence is intended for majors in engineering and the physical sciences. An introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, with applications and an introduction to transcendental functions.gular caclulus:

Math 16A or 16B are Analytical Geometry and Calculus

Math 53 which is Multivariable Calculus or Math 54 which is Linear Algebra


well that’s unfortunate… would i be better off applying to UC Davis or UCSB as an economics major, as they allow Business Calculus?

There is no way to fit in the Math requirements for UCB prior to transferring?

I would apply widely to the UC system since there are no guarantees that even having met all the UCB requirements, you would be accepted.

UCD and UCSB are great options if you want to pursue Econ.

No, I am applying this November and I unfortunately cannot take any more classes in the summer and fall.
Does UCLA accept business calculus?

According to UCLA’s Economics and Business Economics requirements you need:
Two courses in calculus (from the math/physical science sequence) and according to the Math courses listed Math 31A and B they are 31A. Differential and Integral Calculus and 31B. Integration and Infinite Series.

I would contact transfer admissions at all schools of interest to confirm their requirements.

UCD’s Econ major is now a selective major for Transfer applicants. They require a 3 quarters or 2 semesters of Calculus so 1 semester of Business Calculus will not fulfill the requirement.

For UCSB, here are the Math requirements for transfer which need to articulate to Math 3A and B:

MATH 3A. Calculus with Applications, First Course
Prerequisite: Qualifying score on the Mathematics Placement Exam.
Recommended Preparation: Students with Advanced Placement Credit should contact the department.
Enrollment Comments: Students who have completed Math 34A will only receive 2 units for Math 3A.Not open for credit to students who have completed Math 2A or 3AS or have passed the AP Calculus AB or BC exams.
Differential Calculus including analytic geometry, functions and limits, derivatives, techniques and applications of differentiation, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.

MATH 3B. Calculus with Applications, Second Course
Prerequisite: Mathematics 3A with a minimum grade of C.
Recommended Preparation: Students with Advanced Placement Credit should contact the department.
Enrollment Comments: Students who have completed Math 34B will only receive 2 units for Math 3B.Not open for credit to students who have completed Math 2B or 3BS or have passed the AP Calculus BC exam.
Integral calculus including definite and indefinite integrals, techniques of integration, with applications in mathematics and physics.

at SFSU I took stretch business calculus, so i took math 107 in my first semester, and math 108 in my second semester, and these together met the requirements of math 110, which is eligible to transfer to UCD according to Assist. So would this count as having taken two semesters of business calculus for UC Davis?
Thanks for all your help by the way.

Here is a link for UCD’s equivalency courses:


If 2 semesters of Math (107 and 108) are equivalent to just Math 110, then you still need another semester of an eligible transfer Math course. Does Math 110 meet the Math 16 a/b/c UC Davis requirement?

I would directly contact UCD to make sure you will not be missing any Math Requirement.

Yes, according to Assist Math 110 = Math 13 at my local CC, and according to this:
Math 13 should equal Math 16/a/b/c at UCD, or am I reading the report incorrectly?
Also I am taking another math course this summer at my local CC, which is Math 12 and it is transferable to UCD for Stats 13.

The Math 110 course may be UC transferable but it does not guarantee that it will fulfill the Econ major requirements. Check with each target UC to make sure.

@asvpxarun13 Hi there! I was in a similar position as you in regards to being a CSU student transferring to a UC. I went to CSUSM to just go accepted to UCSD and UCSC a couple of months ago and ultimately chose UCSD. I’m not an econ or business major, but I definitely want to help you out! [Sorry in advance for the long post!!]

First piece of advice, you definitely need to get this all sorted out because UC’s will pretty much count all the way up to your Spring Semester for completed courses. However, it will be good to get the majority of the required/ recommended courses done in the Fall Semester. Second, really try to have a good application, which includes good grades/ GPA and completion of work. As CSU students, we’re not their priority. So, it is crucial to have a really good application. Third, try to meet admission advisors from UCB, UCD, etc., or transfer counselors, at your local CC. They are really the ones who can help you along the way before you apply. Fourth, save all of your syllabi! At any moment, you might need to prove that one of your classes can transfer through, such as the business calc.

In regards to the information you have given us and what I have seen so far, here are my comments on that.

-For UCB, I looked at the prereqs for two different majors, Economics (Impacted) and Business Admin, and both seemed that it did not allow business calculus, which is unfortunate.
-Also, how does Math 107 and Math 108 meet the requirements for Math 110? Are they prereqs for Math 110 or do they equal up to Math 110?
-For Business Calculus, how do you know it will count to transfer over to UCD or UCSB? I looked at the majors, [Economics and Managerial Economics (Impacted) at UCD] and [Economics (Impacted) and Pre-Economics at UCSB], and it seems that business calculus would not be able to transfer over.
-For UCD, if Math 110 is equiv as Math 13 at the CC, it only covers Math 16A at UCD. You would still need to complete the equiv of Math 16B.
-For UCLA, like Gumbymom states, it requires calculus from the math/ physical science seq., which, unfortunately, I do not believe business calc covers that.
-The only UC I see that for sure allows business calculus is UCR with Business Admin, but it is impacted.

At the end of the day, if you really want to know whether or not business calculus can transfer, email an admission officer. Explain your situation and send them a copy of your classes’ syllabi. Then, they will be to assess whether or not it can work. If they believe it can be accepted, awesome! However, still, save the emails and conversations just in case the class does not transfer over in the end.

Sorry for the late response, but yes math 107 and math 108 together equal math 110. Math 110 is equivalent to Math 13 at my local CC, and Math 13 seems to be transferable to UCD. I also plan on taking Calculus 2 during the spring semester as I need to complete Math 16B. On the UC Application, would I be better served as just putting Math 110 in the courses taken section instead of putting Math 107 and Math 108?

Have you takin a look at UC Davis Managerial Economics major?


UCB business major accepts UCB MATH 1A-1B (8 units) or 16A-16B (6 units). UCB MATH 16A-16B is essentially UCB’s calculus for business majors course.

However, since ASSIST.org only lists whether CCC courses are equivalent, you do not necessarily know if any SFSU courses are considered equivalent. However, since SFSU MATH 110 is only one semester (3 units), it is unlikely to cover enough material to be equivalent to 6 units of UCB MATH 16A-16B (it looks like SFSU MATH 107-108 = SFSU MATH 110, but is for students with weaker precalculus background).

http://bulletin.sfsu.edu/courses/math/ describes SFSU math courses.

https://math.berkeley.edu/courses/choosing/lowerdivcourses describes UCB lower division math courses, including MATH 16A and 16B.

It is rather likely that if you want to transfer to a college whose business major requires a two course calculus or calculus for business majors sequence, you will have to take SFSU MATH 226-227 to cover it.

Perhaps this may be easier to understand, from higher/harder content to lower/easier content:

UCB MATH 1A-1B, SFSU MATH 226-227 = regular calculus 1 and 2
UCB MATH 16A-16B = business calculus 1 and 2
SFSU MATH 110, SFSU MATH 107-108 = short business calculus (+ precalculus for SFSU MATH 107-108)

The more difficult version can generally substitute for the less difficult version, but not the other way around.

Looks like it says that:


You also have the option of taking:


So a SJDC student wanting to transfer to UCD economics needs to take SJDC MATH 1 and MATH 2, since SJDC does list SJDC MATH 13 as an acceptable prerequisite for SJDC MATH 2. (Someone who wants to transfer to UCD in a major that requires only UCD MATH 16A can take SJDC MATH 13 for it.)

So since Math 13 covers UCD’s Math 16A requirement and my Math 107 and 108 class fulfills Math 13, I only need to take Math 2 (calculus 2 or Math 227 at SFSU), to fulfill the calc requirements for UCD? Thanks for your help by the way