SFSU Transfer problem with my grade


My situation is quite unique. I graduated high school from what I believe is a very good school in Berkeley CA. I choose to study abroad for two years on an athletic scholarship and now I want to finish studying here in the Bay Area. My grades are fine I was just told to get a grade of C- or better in order to meet the admission requirements for an English and Philosophy course. The problem is my English course is a B+ while my Philosophy grade is like a D a 66% to be exact. It doesn’t meet the requirement. I am trying my best to bump up my grade for that one class. I already received an email explaining the “Congratulations on being admitted to San Francisco State for the Fall 2019 semester” and I already accepted it and even paid the orientation fee and the other fees that go with it. I was just wondering what will happen? They wouldn’t reject me right? Haha I’m just thinking the worst case scenario but I just really want to know what will happen and if it will really be okay.

Thank You!

Also!! I forgot to say that I’ll be taking Business Administration (Management)

Contact the university to advise them about the grade.