SFSU vs. UCB (please help me)

<p>I'm a mechanic apprentice and I'm going to start my senior year in August. I want to keep my part time job while in college, because it is very hard to find one at a young age. Im 16.</p>

<p>All my cousins graduated from UC Berkeley and I also wanted to attend there for pre-med, but there is only one problem: they don't offer the major I am interested in (biochemistry). I am very interested in biochemistry and loved learned about it in my bio, chem, and physio classes.</p>

<p>San Francisco State does offer this major. Would medical schools look down upon me for choosing SFSU over UCB because it has my major? Another good thing about SFSU is that I can afford it with my pay, and won't have any debt out of college.</p>

<p>Should I go to SFSU or not? Please help me.</p>

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<p>I think you can study biochemistry at UC Berkeley.</p>