SHA 2020?

So I have had a recent revelation of some sort… I’m thinking to myself that I have nothing to lose at this point. I know that I am going to college and I’ve hit rock bottom before in my life, so rejection is not really a scary anymore. I was thinking of a wild idea. I have been doing research on more schools and Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration highly interests me. I understand that the education is geared towards hospitality. I have had 3 years or so of experience within the fast food industry, working full time for most of my high school career. This was what I needed to do in order to support my family. Over the years I have developed many skills, I know how to deal with people, and I have been told that my customer service is excellent. The problem however is that my GPA is 3.14 UW and that my SAT is a 1990. These are much too low for Cornell’s standards, but their school is very interesting and amazing; I feel as if I would fit in well. Would this amount of work experience in this field be sufficient for experience? Is fast food experience one that would necessarily prepare me for the education at Cornell? I have had to, for most of my job, work on several aspects alone and do a lot of planning because of being surrounded by irresponsible employees, so much to the point that I have been offered a manager’s position. I just don’t know if fast food is good enough for a hotel management education. I can certainly handle the pressure that comes with it.

It’s awesome experience and more than most applicants have. See if you can get your grades up, especially in the math and science courses and go for it! Make sure you write a good essay about your work experience.

@cnp55 Thank you for replying! I believed that nobody would reply to this thread! And thank you for your advice. The topic of my common app essay is the passion and enthusiasm I learned to develop for my work and yeah it’s pretty awesome. At least I believe it’s awesome because I feel happy with it. My best grades are usually math and science and this year I am immensely focused and happen to be excelling in my classes! Thank you soooo much for your time!