Shady National Convention

<p>Those election thingies are over now, and I was just sitting back relaxed, and watching tv, flipping channel. Then, when the tv was showing MTV, there were some sort of flags with US's states on it, and a bunch of signs says "VOTE" What is this, I thought? Yes, it was a convention party, but who's?</p>


<p>WHAT? Eminem is running for president? But the election was over 2 weeks ago!</p>

<p>Though I'm not really a big fan of Eminem, it was funny I thought. I'm guessing not many people are watchintg MTV in here, so probably you don't know what I'm talking about. But well, we talked about DNC and RNC, so why don't we just have a post of SNC, too?</p>

<p>Don't tell me to get a life.</p>

<p>ehh... I used to like Eminem. I kinda stopped liking him as much after his 3rd LP (Show). It's not the same material and now the stuff he's putting out (Encore) is a bunch of pop garbage. I dunno, I don't listen much to rap anymore.</p>

<p>WOW! this is definitely not a thread i expected to see on cc...i'm a HUGE fan of eminem though, and i was sooo close to getting tickets for the snc. unfortunately it didn't work pretty sure it actually took place before the election (although everything is kinda blurry right now) it was pretty much a joke with eminem getting political and all with mosh (great video btw) and it was to get ppl pumped up for his new cd (encore - released yesterday) i bought it yesterday but it definitely isn't his greatest work at all...he's been going downhill after the marshall mathers lp...still has a couple of quality tracks though</p>

<p>go eminem!!</p>

<p><i>WOW! this is definitely not a thread i expected to see on cc...</i></p>

<p>That's what I thought at the first time. I was kinda thinking whether I should put this or not, but well, it's cafe, and it has to do something with NATIONAL CONVENTION, and yeah, here it goes.</p>