shaky GPA + high SAT + 3 different high schools = ?

<p>I moved to South Korea before junior year and attended a Korean public school for a while. What I'm wondering is this: </p>

<p>My grades from freshman and sophomore year are around 3.5~3.78 (depression-related) and gpa at my Korean school was barely in the top 10% but I'm getting a 4.0 now at my new English-speaking school. My SATs are 800CR-780M-780W. Will my freshman+sophomore gpa would affect my admissions prospects? (aiming for Ivies)</p>

<p>errr, sorry if this is in the wrong forum - the Chances threads didn't seem right and I had no idea where else to submit this</p>

<p>(btw, I've only been in the Korean school system for 3rd and 4th grade in elementary school - all my other grades were completed in English-speaking schools, and I've never stayed in the same school/country for more than 3 years.)</p>

<p>*actually 3.6~3.78 gpa for freshman+sophomore year, and I'm a Korean national</p>

<p>It could hurt, but it's still good enough and your junior grades are better - maybe you could write your essay about the difficulties AND REWARDS of changing schools and languages. That would help your chances because they could see the person behind the grades.</p>

<p>However, the Ivies are a reach for everyone, and they are NOT the only schools worth having. Be sure to find schools that 1) will absolutely admit you, 2) you can afford, and 3) you can love.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice :) the problem is I really need the need-blind admissions some of the Ivies offer for internationals.....
speaking of which: 3.6~3.78 gpa is good enough for Ivies? O____O</p>

<p>The competition among Korean internationals is extremely tough at ivies and their peers. If you really want to attend college in the US, you need to add some less competitive schools. No guarantee you'll get aid, but there's probably a better chance of that than getting into an ivy without tipy top stats and national honors from Korea.</p>