She decided on Hendrix

I always thought Hendrix would be a great fit for my daughter. But we applied to many other schools like Rhodes, Southwestern, Trinity U, Austin College but in the end Hendrix won out after two visits to campus. They also gave her the most money. She competed for the Hay Scholarship but didn’t get it. It was very competitive but it solidified our choice… 135 kids were there and they were so unique, interesting, and smart. It confirmed that this is where she was meant to be. Embrace the Orange!

That’s awesome! Congratulations to your daughter, @TXMom7007. What does she plan to major in? Any other things about Hendrix that stood out to her (besides the interesting potential students) that helped sway her decision? Did she visit all the other campuses?

Political science and film studies double major for now. She may change her mind. That’s the great thing about LAC’s. Lots of freedom to explore. She visited most campuses. The Odyssey program, the culture of Hendrix, the scholarships they gave her all played a part. She also received a music scholarship and will be happy to sing in the choir. Her grandmother also graduated from Hendrix so that played a part. But she really considered several other colleges too. I’m glad we are at the end!

Congrats! I can’t wait until we have a final decision in our house. Hendrix remains on our list. However, Arkansas is not getting a lot of good press in the news these days & I believe this may be negatively impacting Hendrix’s position on his list. Time will tell…

I hope you will not dismiss Hendrix because of what’s going on in Arkansas. We are in Texas and that’s not great here either. Indiana is not in the South. I lived in California for many years and yet they voted for Proposition 8. It’s an issue that will reconcile with actions by the Supreme Court and the growing support of the majority of the country. Hendrix is a very inclusive place, the most gay friendly college we visited by far. Don’t judge it by the legislature of Arkansas. Just my two cents.