Shibykin's SUPER DUPER AWESOME INFORMATIVE Free Guide to get in the UCs :D

<p>Hi all, </p>

<p>BTW I do not know how to indent on this thing :( so bare that in mind :). </p>

<p>As application season is still pretty far from now :), I decided to make a guide on how to get in the UCs :) based on my application and my experience for people who have no life and want to start prepping their application right now :). I don't exactly know why I'm making a guide right now and especially during the summer, when I should be outside working out and getting fit for college but oh well :).</p>

<p>Ok for those who don't know me. Uhh I'm Shibykin and most people who looked at the UC threads for fall 2010 know me as the VERY LUCKY guy who got in pretty much all the UCs except for UC Davis, with below average stats(ok mostly the GPA) and not many ECs. If you want to know my stats.</p>

<p>3.52 UC GPA
2120 SAT I
690 SAT II Math 2
760 SAT II Chinese
Chem and Bio horrible :) not posting ^^
Individual Work Experience
Personal Issues-Family(not super serious like divorce and such), Health(No I dont have a life threatening disease)</p>

<p>For people who are curious where I applied to:
Applied:All the UCs, SDSU, SJSU, Cal Poly(both)
Accepted:All the UCs except for UCD, SDSU, SJSU, Cal Poly Ponoma
Rejected: UCD, Cal Poly SLO >:O</p>

<p>Now I know there are people who are going to claim I'm a troll, but oh well don't continue reading the guide :). I did get in UCLA and UCSB through appeal with no letters of rec. so I recommend appealing if you think you should get in :). I will say that I was never the honors student or the super smart student. I was top 60% in my class(yes laugh if you want XD, but I went to a competitive high school >:O) I only took 5 honors/AP courses my whole high school span</p>

<p>OK so let's start the actual guide :) which will first be about the essay, and I'll continue with other topics that are relevant.</p>

<p>Essay Guide:</p>

<p>Step One-Know the Prompt</p>

<p>Uhh yea basically what Step One says. If you don't know the prompt you may write something that didn't even answer the prompt >.<. I don't think the Prompt changes that often but check anyways :). For Class of 2011(high school o.o) it should be the same as 2010s :). Understand the prompt also o.O cuz sometimes they sound very funny -.-.</p>

<p>Step Two-Brainstorm Ideas</p>

<p>I brainstormed 10 ideas for each essay topic so that was 20 ideas :). Narrow them down to around 5, and make drafts for each idea :). I recommend picking ideas that show interest in w.e you're interested in. Don't pick depressing topics or pity-party topics since that gets you like nothing :(. You could mention it a little and say how it shaped you to what you are I guess o.o.</p>

<p>Step Three-Writing the Drafts</p>

<p>Yea write the essays for all ur ideas lol. Try to actually take time on it :P and make them look good then have someone else proofread them :). <em>I'd recommend an adult or someone you know is good at writing lol since you can't always trust your peers :)</em> Try to give them enough time to actually read it and do it b4 application time >.< so you have time to actually fix it as much as you want. </p>

<p>Step Four-Edit</p>

<p>Edit the essays after you got them back lol. Uhh this is all on you lol. Edit until you can't see a reason for the UCs to think your essay didn't give them a good picture of who you are. You can go beyond 1000 words by a little like 12 -.- or w.e. Don't repeat since words are so valuable :). Finish the essay.</p>

<p>Uhh ok I guess i could reserve the next few posts but iono how many I would reserve so no reservation I guess >.<.</p>

<p>To be continued......</p>

<p>OK this is for incoming Seniors :)</p>

<p>How to Prep :O Guide(Starting Summer)</p>

<p>Step One-Do Something besides sleeping, video games, w.e thats called procrastination XD, during the Summer</p>

<p>I am well aware that when i posted this, it was mid summer where it may be kinda late to register for summer classes to boost up ur GPAs or drag it down..XD. But w.e :), for seniors who already have, good job for u :). For slackers who didn't XD(jking), do something else :). Summer job, intenship, sports(it's heatlhy), prep for the application :), volunteer services, whatever interest you :), you could do those summer programs at colleges but too me, it doesnt benefit you much >.< unless its a private college you're applying for. Continue ur ECs :)</p>

<p>Step Two-Calculate your UC GPA :)</p>

<p>Yea do that, you can post chance threads on CC if you want -.-, but don't ask us to calculate for you :). Besides it's ur GPA :). For people taking CC classes, remember to add that in. i forgot the rubric and site to calculate ur UC GPA. Google is your friend.</p>

<p>Step Three-Decide whether to retake ur SATs/or Prep for the SATS if you havent taken any at all</p>

<p>If you have perfect 2400 and 2 800 SAT II, skip this step XD. If you plan to retake any SATs or taking them the first time. Now is the time to prep and retake them. Register early as in like August or July. OK maybe not that early, but my mother nagged at me so I had to, so if you don't want to risk driving super far for a stupid SAT test, do it early. I generally believe people tend to do better on their SATs their senior year, because senior grades dont factor in ur UC GPA :) and don't matter until the final transcript comes so less stress :). If you're super nervous ur perfect UW 4.0 GPA is going to be gone, oh well do better time management and chill cuz as long as ur GPA isn't super bad ur ok lol. 3.0+ plz :).</p>

<p>Step Four-Start the Essay(FOR ALL YOU OVERACHIEVERS)</p>

<p>You can start it later if you want but more time=better essay :)</p>

<p>Step Five-Register for classes in CC during the senior year</p>

<p>This is totally optional, if you're overloaded and dont have room or time to do well on those, dont sign up. This is for people who want to show the UCs they care about school and want to show UCs they can handle more classes then necessary :). Take classes related to the majors you want :), because if they're transferable, you get units and may take less EC, giving you more room to take different classes, graduate early, or take less classes. Also you can have more time to party :D during college XD cuz you don't have that extra class to take.</p>

<p>Step Six-Keep a good attitude and stay away from Senioritis</p>

<p>Yea stay away from that. You worked already hard enough for 2 years(for you slackers who didn't try in freshmen year) for 3 :). You can last 1 more year. Dont go OMFG i got a 3.83 UW GPA T.T when you originally had a 4.0 UW GPA. You're not screwed for UC w.e lol. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine :). Get good grades senior year so if you appeal, you at least look like ur improving and not falling for senioritis when you send in ur unofficial transcripts.</p>

<p>To be continued :D</p>

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<p>Ok I did not know that 20 faces was the limit :(. I had to go back and erase about 30 expression faces -.-. I think this is the last part of my guide :D</p>

<p>People who arent Incoming Senior guide :P(but still in high school).</p>

<p>Step One-STOP posting Chance Thread</p>

<p>It's pointless when we don't have the finalized UC GPA. It's even more pointless to make a thread when you are still a freshmen or below or you didnt take any SATs -.-. Stop worrying and focus on school :).</p>

<p>Step Two-Focus on School/EC/etc.</p>

<p>That's all on you. No one is really going to babysit you and make sure you have good GPA, SAT, w.e. If you don't try and don't care, then the UCs dont care about you <.<. Find something you like and focus on that for EC :). Personal issues, good luck overcoming those :) and make sure to write that in ur app if you have any of them.</p>

<p>Step Three-Keep a Positive Attitude</p>

<p>You only need to suffer 4-6 semester(6 if you take summer classes). Think of it this way, say you got a 4.0 1st semester Sophomore year, think only 3 more of these to go :) and just repeat what you're doing. Ask questions if you don't know wth ur doing lol.</p>

<p>Step Four-I guess this is like Step Three, but be a good person</p>

<p>I don't know how to explain this, but do the right thing. Don't cheat ur way to get the A. You may pull it off now, but in college, dishonesty=bad punishment(I don't know any punishments yet since well I'm going to college this year lol). It's harder in college and college demands a better time management. You can practice this in high school :), besides intelligence attracts guys and girls later on :D(I havent seen that happen yet for me..:( )</p>

<p>To be Continued...</p>

<p>Last Words.</p>

<p>I guess I wish you all good luck >.<. iono what else to really say. You may get in all the colleges you want, or none or some. Just remember, everything happens for a reason and sometimes the colleges we didn't want to go or least expected to end up at, is the best fit. So anyways, just do well in high school so you have more than 1 choice :).</p>

<p>Ok I'm done :) have fun appplying</p>

<p>Oops I forgot to add a whole section :(</p>

<p>My UC Chances/Impressions/etc.</p>

<p>I'll put down ranges from 0-25,26-50,51-75,76-100%</p>

<p>UCM- It's the newest UC as of now :), It's located in a farm area. I've visited the campus before and I can honestly say, there doesnt seem to be much outside of the campus. The good thing about this campus is that it is new, not pact, everything there is a new, and you do have a better chance interacting with the professors :) for maybe internships and researches. It's isnt ranked yet, because well it's too new, but this school could potentially be a very good UC. It is having a medical school built in 2012 or 2013. Personally I wasn't attracted to this school, because there didnt seem to be much right now and the outside was all farm and land :(. But if you do want a good student to teacher interaction and everything new, then this growing campus is a good fit for you :). The stereotype seems to be, none so far since it's new :).</p>

<p>Chances:UC GPA 3.0 +, 600 SAT I +=should be 100% in
Explanation: Well right now it is the referrable college if you are UC elligible and you didn't get in any UC that you applied to. If you are the unfortunate people who got rejected everywhere and didn't apply, UCM may contact you and ask you to apply to UCM and you should be in.</p>

<p>UCR-It's located in the college city of Riverside(I didn't know this was a college town until recently) The campus is located very close to the freeway imo. This school used to be another referrable campus along with UCM until recently, but I've heard people still receiving responses from UCR asking them to apply, so I don't know. This school is sometimes said to be the reject school -.-<em>DONT HIT ME D:</em>. This campus is also getting a medical school built in 2012 or 2013(funny along with UCM XD) There is the Thomas Haider Program which a selected few amount of students can transfer to UCLA medical school if they reach the requirements and other criteria. This school is super underappreciated, which I don't know why, but it's still a good college. If you want to pursue a business major, UCR is one of the 3 campuses with a business school so thats a good incentive to go. They also do have an honors program where if you get a 3.5+ and a 2100+ SAT I score, you're guaranteed in. Personally, if you have those stats, you probably had more than UCR as your option. This school is growing and along with UCM will increase in ranking based on having a medical school and will attract more students :). </p>

<p>Chances: GPA 3.0 SAT I 600-1000 0-25%
3.01-3.2 1010-1500 26-50%
3.201-3.4 1510-1700 50-75%
3.401+ 1710+ 76-100%
Explanation: I personally never met anyone who has been rejected from UCR. If they did, they probably lied and say theyre going to a CC to do TAG <.<. I think as long as you tried in high school and are UC elligible you should get in :)</p>

<p>UCSC-This is located in a foresty area and is personally my favorite UC campus in terms of environment and atmosphere :). This school is known to be the pot-head school, because of their annual 4/20 w.e day I forgot whats it called. This was a referrable school back when UCM wasn't built yet, but time has changed. This school is also known to have dropped 9% acceptance rate in 1 year which raised brows for many people like me :/. They also changed their GE reqs and stuff recently and I've heard many complaints about this.</p>

<p>Chances: 3.0-3.2, 600-1200 0-25%
3.201-3.4 1210-1500 26-51%
3.401-3.6 1510-1700 51-75%
3.601+ 1710+ 76-100%
Explanation: Just because this school used to be a refferable campus and is a Low-Tier UC, doesnt mean anyone can get in. They did buff their admissions in recent years so i expect it to be in the 50-60% acceptance rate soon.</p>

<p>UCD-Another Farmy area :). This school is kinda of flat as in the roads are flat. I remember that I didn't like the campus, but I liked the people because everyone there is super friendly. I guess the stereotype for this school is known as boring, and bike town :/. This is my least favorite UC, because they rejected me >:(. Almost everyone there has bikes o.O so i guess the people there are generally healthy. I don't know much about this school, since this wasn't one of the UCs that I generally wanted to go :/. Also this school is known to waitlist 5000 students which is even bigger than their own class sizes o.O</p>

<p>Chances:3.0-3.3 600-1500 0-25%
3.301-3.7 1500-1900 26-50%
3.701-4.0 1910-2150 51-75%
4.01+ 2160+ 76-100%
Explanation: I find it very weird that theres a big difference in admissions avg and stats from the low tier and mid tier o.O. Remember the avg GPA and SATs counts for everyone who got accepted, so that includes people who applied here as a safety school</p>

<p>UCI-UC Asians XD. This school looks like UCR to me and I didn't notice that many differences in them. Also located near a freeway :/. This school is also known to be kind of boring with nothing to do there(iono y) and also known this year as the waves of unnecessary stress because of their unpredictable waves of acceptances. This was a big turn off for me in the end and I didn't choose to go there despite this being my top choice before. This school is one of the 3 UC campuses to have a business school so go there if you want :). This school also has a very competitive nursing program which I don't know much about but good luck getting in that.</p>

<p>Chances: 3.0-3.3 600-1600 0-25%
3.301-3.7 1610-1900 26-50%
3.701-4.1 1910-2150 51-75%
4.101+ 2200+ 76-100%
Explanation: For some weird reason, I always thought this school was the hardest mid tier UC to get into. They didn't accept anyone off their waitlist unlike UCD and UCSB. I believe that because this school has a business school, the admissions here are more difficult because more people apply here :/.</p>

<p>UCSB-1 word:UNDERRATED. This school has never been appreciated by many, and although ranked higher than UCI and tied with UCD, most people don't bother mentioning how good this school is. I loved this school for its free beach :D and hot looking people :D. This school is known as the party school and notorious for their halloween one(I want to see it :( ). I don't know much about this school except for the bad stuff -.-. I guess this is the least amount of Asians out of all the UCs but honestly who cares -.-.</p>

<p>Chances: 3.0-3.2 600-1500 0-25%
3.201-3.6 1510-1800 26-50%
3.601-4.0 1810-2100 51-75%
4.01+ 2110+ 76-100%
Explanation: IMO, this is the easiest out of the 3 mid tier UCs to get into, because their admissions criteria is 50% stats and 50% EC/essay. So you can maybe have less good stats but killer ECs and still get in :/. Obviously dont purposely get bad stats.</p>

<p>Tired :(, post if you want btw lol I dont mind chancing you people :/. I'll try to respond when I can :)
To be continued...THE TOP TIER D:</p>

<p>nice guide but it looks more like tips XD</p>

<p>Very Good thread </p>

<p>you already commented on my UCSB thread but you never actually gave me your opinion on what my chances are:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'm curious to find out more about your extracurriculars and your final personal statement.</p>

<p>Just an unrelated snippet, I don't think you can edit your reserved spaces after 20 minutes unless a mod lets you.</p>

<p>oh wow, i thought the thread had died XD, ok lemme finish the UC chances first I guess first :) and post my EC and crap XP.</p>

<p>Ok I just typed a whole thing about UCSD and UCB/UCLA but stupid internet DCed me so I'm gonna make this SUPER SUPER SHORT :O.</p>

<p>UCSD-There is a point system online for how they look at ur admission and yes it's published :). For the other factors that aren't GPA or test scores, they give u 0,1/2, or all the points. The cutoff for 2010 was I believe a 7745, I forgot.</p>

<p>UCB/UCLA-I'm sorry but GPA/SAT only aren't gonna cut it for u for these schools, unless u're like valedictorian with bunch of challenging classes. EC/personal statement and super amount of luck was wat lead me to be accepted I think, I mean cmon look at my stats=no chance o.O whatsoever, least I thought so. When I read UCB FAQ about their admission, somewhere it was posted that this year they had more than 50% of the applicants with 4.0+ GPA and unfortunately they had to cut prob like almost all of them -.-. Harsh reality is that with more applicants=more competition=UC can pick between alot of different students=and it's harder to be unique. You have to look like u know what u're doing for these schools and pity party=NONO for these schools >:O.</p>

<p>Ok I'll answer questions about me if a lot of u guys really want to know ^^. Or help answer other people >.<</p>

<p>I am asking because I worked with a lot of B average students this year and majority of them were referred to Merced. I want to see your stats and possibly a copy of your personal statement so I can figure out if you had something that stood out or if I was missing something.</p>

<p>Hmm well I'm using my new laptop so I would not have my actual UC app personal statement that i used for the other UCs. I only have my appeal for UCSB as of now :(, UCLA and UCD on my other laptop T.T, which currently now belongs with my sister. I'll pm u Ms. Sun my appeal for UCSB if you want it or email it :). I'll try to find my UC app :), but there's no guarantee I'll find my finalized one >.<.</p>

<p>@Ms. Sun, that's strange, from my school all the B-avg students got into at least Santa Cruz or Riverside, but then again they applied to pretty much all the UCs, and CSUs since this year was so unpredictable.</p>

<p>Ok lemme post a bigger overall stats thing about me :)</p>

<p>CONFIRMED: UCLA Communication(may switch to BizEcon :D)</p>

<p>UC GPA: 3.52
SAT I: 2120 4th times the charm XD
SAT II: 690 Math 2, Chinese 760
AP: Statistics 4, Psychology 4, Macro/Micro: Took both at a CC so exempted :D, Calculus AB 5 :D</p>

<p>Currently: Taking Financial Accounting classes in CC :), Finished Micro and Macro at a CC.</p>

<p>EC:-3 years track
-Helped worked at my uncle's psychological firm, front desk, experience first hand what actually happens with the different therapies
-Started an online hand-made keychain business with my cousin(did pretty well)
-Started a fundraiser for people with eye disabilites >:O
-Part of the Writing/Editing Club at my school where I help edit classmate's essays, and I did get to read former classmates college essays so I guess I sort of got an idea what kind of essay worked by seeing where they ended up.
-Did an internship program in Cal's Lawrence Hall of Science.
-Made a website for my friend's baking business :).
-Helped manage the money, I guess like a treasurer, for friend's baking business
-Part of an SAT prep representer group :) where I guess market/share the words of why people should go to that place, based on my experience with my 1860 to my beautiful 2120 score :D
-Joined my school's DECA club, and actually got to go to Irvine for their business convention :)
...etc(most r like job-related)</p>

-Parent's ALMOST went through divorce twice during high school D:, but never happened (THANKFULLY)
-I had amblyopia(lazy eye) which got me the supplemental questionaire from UCB and thankfully I got in :).
-Had many peer pressure in my life -.- and never felt like I was that special.
-Self-evaluation made me a better person :D (that was like my UC essay)
-Had to see my grandmother suffer kidney cancer for 3 years straight :(, and visited her every weekend :(</p>

<p>Even with a lot of job experience, I find myself lucky :(, ESPECIALLY WITH UCB. But I think my experience with marketing, business management, and advertising won the UCs decisions :).</p>

<p>You have an amazing set of extracurriculars. I can see why most of the UCs wanted you :)</p>

<p>aww ty :), though I found that most of my EC weren't school related so I didn't think it was really considered an EC >.<.</p>

<p>I think there is a difference between B students at each high school. I was a B student but i took a lot of APs and advance classes. I got into a lot of schools that some of my peers with higher GPAs didn't get into. I could probably been a 4.0 GPA student if I only took the regular and average classes. It all depends on how difficult your schedule was.</p>

<p>My schedule was considered slackerish at my school. My school only had mostly the Math/Science APs, which I suck at sciences >.< so i only took AP Stats and AP Calc :(. For the social sciences we only had AP English(12), APUSH, AP World, and AP Psych. I had to take Micro/Macro outside of school just to look like I'm not taking everything regular -.-.</p>

<p>^Hm, my school only offered 6 AP classes and if you were in any one of them you were considered "like one of those smart people".</p>