Shippee C Question


<p>I was wondering if non honors freshmen can live at Shippee C.</p>

<p>Can we request this dorm, or we assigned. I got a letter in the mail new student guide to on campus housing, and it sounds like new students can pick thier own housing. So can I, a non honors freshman pick Shippee C?</p>


<p>no, shipee is restricted to honors students. Non-honors students are not allowed to live there. sorry, good luck next year though.</p>

<p>Some non-honors students can be placed in Shippee, at random, if there isn't any room elsewhere. I know there are several non-honors people in shippee. But you can't request it or anything.</p>

<p>Can you atleast pick your roommate, or is that also random?</p>

<p>You can request a roommate. Not sure if it's guaranteed that you'll get who you pick if you're coming in as a freshman though.</p>

<p>All of my friends who were incoming freshmen last year got to room with a specific person if they requested it... most people will just answer the questionaire and have a roomate with similar responses randomly be assigned to them.</p>

<p>that is NOT true anymore i am a freshman going into shippee c, i am not in honors and i did not request a specific room-mate, but i did however request the specific Learning Community. Connecting with the arts in shipppee and i requested it because i wanted to be in that community then i asked to be in section C. and i got it. honors students are mostly in Buckley, arts students are in shippee</p>

<p>That's because they changed it last year. The freshman honors dorm is now Buckley, and Shippee is the arts/arts LC dorm.</p>