Shipping packages to hotel

<p>Hello Y parents,</p>

<p>Has anyones shipped packages to the hotel? If yes, did you have any issues? Any inputs would be appreciated.</p>


<p>Yes, Last year when D was a freshman and staying on Old Campus, we stayed at the Omni for a few days during move-in weekend. We had boxes shipped directly to the Omni. I called first for approval. I addressed the boxes with my name – guest/date of arrival, c/o Omni Hotel, hotel’s address. After we arrived, the boxes were brought to our room ……….very easy and efficient. I was told by hotel staff, they have a large conference room reserved for all of the boxes sent to hotel during move-in week.</p>

<p>Why not ship to the Master's Office of your child's residential college?</p>

<p>AA, I could be mistaken but I think somewhere in the move-in info packet the students are told NOT to have packages sent to the Master’s office during move-in.</p>

<p>We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott and I just called to ask about shipping packages. They said it was no problem at all - just put my name, c/o hotel, etc. and can pick up upon arrival (more than one!) This seems infinitely easier than dealing with package pick-up later in the week or during the busy move-in weekend. Once again - thanks to CC for this nugget of advice!! specifically - thanks to TutuTaxi :)</p>

<p>centraleagle, glad I could help. It’s nice being part of the CC family. :)</p>

<p>Thanks so much for everyone input! We are shipping the boxes to the hotel.</p>