Shipping to dorms

<p>I need to buy a fridge and i was wondering if i could ship it to my dorm room, Im an incoming freshman</p>

<p>You certainly can, but I would recommend buying one when you get to school. Mail traffic at the beginning of the school year is pretty intense, and it can take a week or so to get the notifications for your packages. Plus, you'll probably pay a decent bit of money for the shipping. Here's the info for shipping packages if you do want to send it: Mail</a> & Packages | University of Miami .</p>

<p>You can't send anything before you move in. You're probably better off buying one on campus during orientation, or at Target near campus.</p>

<p>Your best bet is to buy once you arrive. The Dadeland Mall just past campus has a Target, BB&B and Best Buy that are well stocked at move-in time.</p>

<p>For those needing to ship packages before move-in, there is a UPS store in the strip mall across from campus on Rt.1. that will accept shipments and hold them for you for a nominal fee/day. You can call them for details.</p>

<p>Ditto My- 3- Sons.</p>

<p>3 years ago we shipped boxes from home to the UPS store. Easy to do. They hold them for pick up and request you write the date of pick up on the box. Call them for cost and instructions. You can schedule a pick up from UPS right from your home. It was very easy and no need for us to haul 4 very heavy boxes to our local UPS store.</p>

<p>The freshmen dorms are big and have one reception area for 2 towers. Mail sorting at the beginning of the year is horrible and they run out of room to store packages. Hence, they refuse to accept UPS boxes. I think they have no choice but to accept USPS boxes, but I could be wrong. Son ordered something online while we were still in Miami. Every day, the tracking from UPS stated Undeliverable or Refused. Finally, it was accepted after the third try. If not, it would have gone back to the sender. This goes on for the first week or two, then it is fine. </p>

<p>We picked up most things at the Dadeland Mall. Poor TV selection though, as I believe this is what we ordered online.</p>

<p>Do they sell microfridges on campus/ I don't remember but think they do.</p>

<p>I'd recommend going to another store besides Dadeland the first week of school because that's where everyone goes. I stayed with family in Ft Lauderdale before I moved in so I went to stores up there, but there is another Target and Best Buy on Bird Road about 15 minutes from campus (not much farther than the ones at Dadeland). I'm not sure where there's another BB&B, but you could look into it.</p>