Shirt with mystery stains saved - by Fels Naptha

<p>Has anyone else had your S or D show you mystery stains on their favorite shirt and say please can't you do something? Well, I tried Fels Naptha soap left over from a summer camp (it was on their list in case of poison ivy) and the mystery stains vanished!</p>

<p>So, it's worth a try to save a favorite item of clothing. I was actually shocked that the stains disappeared - there were around 7 spots less than the size of a penny on the front, back and ends of the sleeves of the shirt.</p>

<p>I used to use Fels Naptha on my kids' baseball clothes. It was the only thing that completely removed clay and grass stains from white fabric.</p>

<p>This recent thread <a href=""&gt;;/a> sung the praises of Fels Naptha and other super cleaning products</p>

<p>I remember my grandma using Fels Naphtha when I was a kid. She used it on EVERYTHING.</p>

<p>Fels Naphtha is still around! Amazing. Thanks for the tip!</p>

<p>My mom & grandma used that too. I'm going out to buy a bar & see if it can remove some bacon grease stains! </p>

<p>It's really good!</p>

<p>OMG.... after reading a couple of the political threads (which already seem like re-reading the same stuff over and over....sort of like chances threads)....When I saw the title of this thread, I instantly thought of Monica Lewinsky's blue dress! ...If only she'd used Fels Naphtha! </p>

<p>back to the real topic, thanks for the tip....I'll keep my eye out for this stuff...could certainly get some use here!</p>

<p>We always used Fels Naphtha for poison ivy, made soap foam and smeared it over the skin affected, let it dry and it seemed to dry the rash right up. Even now I will wash with it when I have been gardening around poison ivy.</p>